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Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference

Windows for the future – smart, practical, climate-friendly


Things are happening. Many young people are standing up for climate protection; that and the results of the European elections are a clear indication that the energy upgrade of our infrastructure is again right at the top of the agenda. And that is good!

This means that the motto of the 47th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference “Windows for the future – smart, practical, climate-friendly” reflects a key issue in our society. However, politicians and clients don’t have windows in mind but instead think of buildings and – perhaps – the building envelope. For this reason we have to expand our competence and proactively deal with subjects such as ventilation, integration in the services installations and aspects of sustainability. At the same time, all innovations have to be practical, straightforward and good value for money – which can only be achieved with a creative and entrepreneurial approach.

The Rosenheim Window and Façade Conference faces this challenge by presenting a wide variety of innovative and strategic lectures. Subjects include façades from the 3-D printer, the true consequences of climate change, through to information on the EU´s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its German implementation by the “GebäudeEnergieGesetz (GEG)”, and on the new European daylight standard EN 17037. Also included are practical solutions for construction issues, for example for safety barrier glazing and for handling security glass, and information on the revolution in window installation.





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