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ift Special Show „Climate-Protection!“

More energy efficiency and protection against climate extremes such as heat waves, hurricanes, hailstorms and floods

 Leading international fair R+T in Stuttgart - POSTPONED TO FEBRUARY 19. - 23. 2024


Climate change is here and the consequences affect us all - this is what experts say and the climate itself shows this. One heat record chases the next and temperatures of 50  degrees Celsius were reached even in Canada - by 2030, such temperatures are also possible for Germany.

It is therefore no longer just a question of limiting the climate change through energy-efficient construction products, but also to protect themselves from the consequences. Heat waves lead to health problems and even death. Here, effective sun protection takes on a central role, because a considerable reduction in energy consumption for room air conditioning is possible. The motto "avoiding overheating is better than cooling" applies, because cooling needs four times more energy than heating. Automatic and adaptive systems are particularly good at this, as the adjustment takes place immediately and also corrects misuse, especially when no user is present in the building. This also applies to the use of solar energy and healthy, natural daylight.

At the same time, roller shutters and sun protection systems have to withstand increased demands due to increasing climate extremes, for example hurricanes, hailstorms or heat with higher surface temperatures of the components. Manufacturers can meet these diverse requirements with high-performance products that focus on more than just design.

The ift special exhibition “Climate Protection!” at the world's leading trade fair R+T will show what sun protection systems, roller shutters and their components as well as electronic controls can and must achieve today, how the requirements are to be tested and how quality can be assured. Instead of focusing on colours, textiles design or dimensions, the focus is on important technical parameters such as g-total value, luminous characteristics according to EN 14500 as well as resistance to wind loads. Comparative calculations show that deviations of up to 50% occur for the g-total value with different combinations of glazing and solar shading - and this with the same solar shading!


Goal and Booth Concept

  1. The focus is on the presentation of technical and quality features of sun protection systems, glazing, roller shutters and controls. Fair visitors can experience the themes through the exhibits and action zones. ift experts are available to answer questions on quality, safety, requirements, testing, and verification.


Possible topics and exhibits from A-Z

  1. Drive units, sensors and mechanical systems for sun protection and daylight control
  2. Shutters with integrated ventilation systems and other construction elements
  3. Operating / control systems for automatically operated construction elements / Smart Home
  4. Glare protection
  5. Coatings with reflective properties (Cool Colours)
  6. Burglar-resistant roller shutters and construction elements according to EN 1627
  7. Window, façade and glass systems with integrated sun/glare protection
  8. Floodgates
  9. Assembly, fixing and sealing systems for construction elements
  10. Photovoltaic systems for solar shading
  11. Test rig/equipment for thermal parameters
  12. Roller shutters
  13. Sound insulating roller shutters, roller shutter boxes
  14. Software and information systems (configurator) for application-oriented planning and tendering
  15. Shading device
  16. Static and dynamic sun protection glazing
  17. Daylight systems
  18. Surveillance and alarm systems including sensors
  19. Shading system with controls and light control
  20. Certification systems/services for products, quality/management systems and FPC


Interest as Co-Exhibitor?

Download the application sheet and send it to




Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg



R+T 2022 ift Sonderschau Aussteller

R+T 2022 ift Special Show Exhibitor

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