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Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware according to EN 1634-1



ISO 1634-1 - Part 1: Fire resistance test for doors, shutters and openable windows

Division Building components:

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Scope according to EN 1634-1 (Chapter 1):

This European Standard specifies a method for determining the fire resistance of door and shutter assemblies and openable windows designed for installation within openings incorporated in vertical separating elements.

Requirements according to EN 1634-1 (Chapter 13):

  • Materials and construction
  • Specific restrictions on materials and construction
  • Decorative finishes
  • Fixings
  • Building hardware
  • Permissible size variations
  • Test periods
  • Size variation related to product type
  • Asymmetrical assemblies
  • Specific rules
  • Supporting constructions
  • Rigid standard supporting constructions (high or low density)
  • Flexible standard supporting constructions
  • Specific rules for hinged or pivoted doorsets
  • Associated supporting constructions


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