Special show on Climate-safe construction

with sustainable and climate-resilient products

Type of event
Industrial fair

17.04.2023 - 22.04.2023

Hall C4, Booth 502
Messe BAU

Heat records, heavy rain, storms and droughts are endangering people and buildings – climate change is here, and the consequences are also affecting us in Europe – it is therefore also a matter of protecting ourselves from climate extremes.

In addition, the building sector contributes significantly to climate change through fossil heating energy and CO2 emissions in the production of buildings and building products (grey energy). Future-proof building products must therefore be energy-efficient, sustainable and resilient to climate extremes.

Topics for climate safe construction

Windows, doors, facades, sun protection, decentralized ventilation systems and other building elements and materials must fulfill the following aspects in order to be successfully marketed in the future:

  1. Reduction of CO2 and GHG emissions + Improvement of the energy efficiency of building materials, building elements + buildings,
  2. Protection and resilience against climate extremes such as floods, tornadoes and hailstorms,
  3. Use of renewable raw materials and/or with a high proportion of recycled material,
  4. Technologies to simplify refurbishment (serial refurbishment, assembly systems, modular construction),
  5. Products and designs with good maintenance, care and disposal concepts that improve sustainability and recycling and conserve resources,
  6. Adaptive solar shading systems that curb the energy hunger of air conditioning units and protect against heat waves,
  7. Decentralised ventilation systems for night cooling and natural fresh air supply with minimal energy consumption,
  8. Digital control systems to minimise CO2 emissions during the construction and operation of buildings and to improve living com-fort + safety,
  9. "Green" facades and technologies to improve air quality and mi-croclimate,
  10. Surfaces that do not heat up as much when exposed to solar radiation and thus protect the building elements from damage.

Link to the four key themes of BAU 2023

  1. The challenge of climate change
    Building elements must not only become more energy efficient, but also protect against future climate extremes, such as heat, strong wind events, wildfires, sandstorms, hail or floods.
  2. Digital transformation
    Control and protect buildings comfortably and energy-efficiently with adaptive control systems, even when the occupants are out of the house.
  3. Future of housing
    Adaptive, multifunctional, barrier-free and modular building elements can be easily adapted to different usage needs (demographics) and require fewer resources.
    1. Windows, façades and glazing provide the interiors with healthy daylight and protect against solar radiation at the same time.
    2. Bring fresh air into the building and keep pollutants out.
    3. Ensure more efficient energy use in summer and winter.
  4. Resources + Recycling
    Building elements that demonstrably improve sustainability and recycling through the "cradle to cradle" approach, multifunctionality as well as maintenance, care and disposal concepts, thus conserving resources.

Stand concept + presentation

The trade fair stand uses fully functional exhibits to show which materials, constructions and technologies can be used to make buildings more sustainable and better protection against climate extremes.

An action zone presents innovative assembly methods live, with which building elements can be assembled sustainably, safely and efficiently in order to meet the challenge of energy-efficient building refurbishment.

The exhibits are supplemented by PC terminals on which detailed information and calcula-tion/simulation tools as well as digital services can be presented and tested (automatic EPD creation, CO2 calculator, Ökobaudat, control systems, digital services of co-exhibitors).

Numerous meeting opportunities on the stand invite visitors to exchange ideas with experts from ift Rosenheim and the co-exhibitors.

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Head of PR & Communication

ift Rosenheim is committed to communicating the knowledge it has acquired to building professionals, planners and interested house owners dealing with windows, facades, glass, doors, garage doors and building materials.

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