Calibrated test equipment and measuring tools are the basis for high product quality. The calibration laboratory of ift Rosenheim offers to calibrate, adjust or maintain your measuring tools at the highest level. The accreditation of the DAkkS according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 proves the competence of the laboratory.

Test equipment and measuring tools purchased from ift MessTec can also be updated to a current software status to ensure ongoing conformity with the required test standards.

So you don't have to worry about timely calibration dates or long downtimes of your equipment - the experienced calibration team of ift Rosenheim supports you in these areas.

Advantages of Calibration by ift Rosenheim

We offer you a service tailored to your requirements - either with individual offers or long-term calibration contracts

All devices calibrated by ift Rosenheim are listed and monitored over time

Our team organizes the regular calibration, the travel of our technician to your equipment and the complete documentation of the equipment condition

Our technicians repair and maintain your test rigs and measuring tools at your site or in Rosenheim on request

Combining calibration with adjustment and maintenance of your test rigs gives you faster results and less travel time

Calibratable Measured Variables, Test Rigs + Measuring Tools

Measured Variables

Measured variables - accredited calibrations

  • Pressure

  • Flow rate air

  • Flow rate water

  • Length

  • Temperature


Measured variables - non-accredited calibrations

  • Force

  • Torque

  • Speed

Test Rigs
Window/Facade test rig Durability test rig
Turn-Only / Tilt-Only, Sliding test rig Permanent transversal tensile

Leakage test rig (air/wind/rain)

Climate chamber incl. radiation
Smoke control test rig Bending tensile test rig
Corner failure equipment Glass breakage
Climate chambers with standard, constant or alternating climate

Heat cabinet (annealing furnace)

Data measuring system for temperatures (2-point calibration) Furnace power measurement
Pendulum/double wheel, tyre pressure test device

Crosswind blower according to EN 13050

Precision scale up to 2 kg, laboratory scale, crane scale, platform scale  
Hand-held Meters
  • Speedometer HMG 100

  • Measuring tape, feeler gauge & caliper gauge

  • Thermohygrometer

  • Absolute pressure meter

Calibration Certificates for Your Measuring & Test Equipment

If your measuring and test equipment is successfully calibrated, you will receive corresponding evidences from ift Rosenheim:

  • Calibration record/factory calibration certificate: Documents the calibration of a measured variable.
  • DAkkS calibration certificate: Documents the calibration, calibration variables and the result. In addition, the usability of the calibrated test equipment is ensured/documented.
  • Verification/Calibration report: Summarizes several calibration results and provides information on the usability/intended use of a test rig. It also serves as confirmation of conformity for the test rig.

Further Performances of ift Calibration Laboratory

On-site Calibration in Your Laboratory

You cannot send your equipment to Rosenheim? We will gladly come to your laboratory and calibrate, maintain and repair your measuring and testing equipment; and even at short notice, so that waiting times are as short as possible for you. Our technicians have the competence for several measured variables - combined visits are therefore no problem. The quality of the performance is just as high as with a calibration in our laboratories.

Repair of Your Test Rigs & Measuring Tools

Due to the close cooperation with our subsidiary ift MessTec, we know these test rigs inside out. A repair is therefore uncomplicated in many cases.


Wir unterstützen Sie gerne bei der Kalibrierung, Reparatur und Wartung Ihrer Mess- und Prüfmittel.

Haben Sie Interesse oder benötigen Sie weitere Informationen? Wenden Sie sich gerne an uns.

ift Calibration Laboratory

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