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Special show

with climate-resilient, recyclable and sustainable windows, doors and facades

Type of event
Industrial fair

19.03.2024 - 22.03.2024

Hall 1 (1/515)
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The challenges facing the window and construction industry due to climate change, cost increases, the shortage of skilled workers and the housing shortage are extreme and every manufacturer must adapt its strategies.

The special show at Fensterbau Frontale by NürnbergMesse and ift Rosenheim shows how sustainable, climate-resilient and thus future-proof building products look and are labelled. The focus is on reducing CO2 emissions during production and use, sustainable production, easy reparability and maintenance as well as protection against climate extremes. This applies in particular to protection against flooding and overheating, which is often neglected, even though heat waves cause up to 10,000 heat-related deaths in Germany according to an RKI study from 2022.

For the special show we are looking for innovative companies as co-exhibitors to present their products and services at the booth.

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Stand concept + presentation

The exhibition stand, which measures over 300 m2, is characterised by functional products in a construction-related environment, so that all technical solutions can be examined in function on site.

This is complemented by PC terminals where detailed information and calculation/simulation tools and digital services are available.

Numerous meeting opportunities and a separate meeting area invite visitors to exchange ideas with the building experts from ift Rosenheim and the co-exhibitors.

Messestand mit sich bewegenden und vorbeigehenden Personen im Vordergrund, dynamische Stimmung
Stand der Sonderschau auf der Fensterbau Frontale 2022 (Quelle: NürnbergMesse / Uwe Niklas)

Possible exhibits + topics

  • Products and planning aids for serial construction and refurbishment
  • Building products as protection against floods
  • Adaptive sun protection + night cooling (ventilation) as protection against overheating
  • Heat-resistant coatings and surfaces
  • Decentralised ventilation systems with high energy efficiency
  • Assembly systems to simplify and improve assembly (overfeed assembly, assembly frame, 2-stage assembly, etc.)
  • Vacuum Insulation Glazing (VIG) for the energy-efficient refurbishment of listed windows
  • Renewable raw materials for windows, doors and building elements
  • Efficient recycling process
  • Maintenance and care concepts to extend the period of use
  • Control systems for windows, doors and sun protection for higher energy efficiency
  • Suitable Testing and certification systems for sustainability and increased requirements due to climate extremes (climate resilience)
  • Green facades and flat roofs to improve the microclimate (cooling through evaporation)
  • Photovoltaics and renewable energy systems for roofs and facades

Apply now to become a co-exhibitor!

Are you interested in participating as a co-exhibitor in the special show "climate.safe.construction with climate-resilient, recyclable and sustainable windows, doors and facades" at Fensterbau Frontale 2024?

You can find information on the participation options including prices, the concept and the performance and service packages in the PDF download below. It also contains a registration form for your application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

ift Rosenheim

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg is head of the PR & Communication department. As a carpenter, timber construction engineer and marketing expert, he has been working in the timber and window industry in various functions for over 30 years. As a lecturer, speaker and author, he passes on his knowledge.