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Testing, Surveillance and Certification Body as per Regional Building Code (LBO)

Registration number: BAY18

for the Ü mark in Germany

For use in Germany, construction products and designs specified in the "Administrative Regulation on Technical Components (Verwaltungsvorschrift Technische Bauteile - VV TB)" must provide evidence of compliance with building law requirements using specified methods and be marked with the conformity mark (Ü mark). The tests, inspections and/or certifications required for this proof may only be carried out by bodies that have been acknowledged for this purpose.

ift Rosenheim has been granted this accreditation for methods according to the Regional Building Code by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), Berlin, on behalf of the Supreme Building Authority of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich, with the registration number "BAY18". This national accreditation is valid in all states of the Federal Republic of Germany according to the specifications in the Building Codes of the German Laender (Regional Building Code).

The specific methods and/or construction products/types for which ift Rosenheim can act according to the Regional Building Code are listed in a "DIBt notice" - subdivided into construction products according to the Administrative Regulation on Technical Components (VV TB) A Part 1-3 and the designs according to Part II a and V.

The current DIBt notice for ift Rosenheim is available as download (see below).


According to the DIBt accreditation, ift Rosenheim can be commissioned by manufacturers as

  • Testing body for granting of national technical test certificates,
  • Testing body for verification of construction products prior to confirmation of conformity,
  • Certification body,
  • Surveillance body for third-party control, and
  • Surveillance body for surveillance according to Art. 15 paragraph 6.
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