The new „ift-tested“ mark

Building components, building materials and personal protective equipment – Tested with safety by ift Rosenheim

The ift-tested mark shows that the performance of a product has been examined and evaluated by ift Rosenheim. This includes respirators on the one hand and construction products such as windows, facades, doors, gates, glass, fittings and building materials on the other. One or more characteristics of the product, such as durability, permeability or burglar-resistant properties, are determined objectively and as set out by the standards. You can count on that.

On this pages you can check the authenticity of an ift-tested mark. It is also possible to retrieve a complete "ift-Nachweis" with unique ID or QR code. For both functions, use the search box below.

ID Authentication

Enter the unique ID of the company (Kxxxxxx) or the evidence (XXX-XXXXX) or the name of the company in the search box.

Please note: The search is not fault-tolerant. Please pay attention to the correct spelling without error.

You can count on that:

  • Products that are legally advertised with an ift-tested mark have been tested for one or more characteristics by ift Rosenheim.
  • The product properties tested and specified in the “ift-Nachweis” are determined as set out by the standards.
  • The manufacturers' test evidences can be viewed transparently after entering the report ID.
  • The listed documents and Evidence of Performance are "genuine" (authentication document).

What does „ift-tested“ stand for?

The ift-tested mark shows that one or more properties of a product have been evaluated by ift Rosenheim. Manufacturers can market their products tested by ift Rosenheim more effectively with the mark.

End consumers can be sure that products bearing the mark have been tested independently and competently by an internationally respected testing institute.

Via QR code scan or client ID entry on this website, it will simply show you the related manufacturer if he has a mark.

The ift-tested mark always contains the ift logo and a client-specific ID. The QR code is an optional element. For more information, please refer to the user agreement.

Deckblatt eines ift-Prüfnachweises

What is the authentication of the “ift-Nachweis”?

Details of the tests and assessments carried out by ift Rosenheim can be viewed transparently on the “ift-Nachweis”. After entering the ID of the “ift-Nachweis” or scanning the QR code, the corresponding document will be displayed and offered for download. 

The display on the ift website guarantees the authenticity of the test evidence/report and the determined properties or performance of the product described in the "ift-Nachweis". 

An “ift-Nachweis“ contains traceable further details, such as 

  • Exact value or class reached 
  • Assessment criteria of testing or classification, i.e. standard/guideline as well as the number of the detailed test documentation/s 
  • Details for identification of the product assessed

You do not have a report or an ID? Ask the supplier or manufacturer of your product for an “ift-Nachweis” or the appropriate report ID.

In case of reasonable doubt or hint of abuse (misappropriation), the “ift-tested” mark will be retested or even withdrawn (black list).