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Laboratory Building Physics


The ift Laboratory Building Physics is a partner to manufacturers and system providers for building elements. Additionally, the laboratory supports engineering offices and planners with the determination of thermal and ergonomic parameters for the object-specific verification.

For conducting tests conforming to the standards, the laboratory is provided with various test equipment (heater box, plate device, spectrometer, integrating sphere, climate test benches). Within the scope of flexible accreditation, tests may also be conducted for which there is no standard-related basis, such as the calorimetric determination of the overall energy transmittance level of glazing and the testing of the dew point performance of building elements with one or more shells.


  • Determination of thermal parameters (e.g. U-value, R-value, λ-value)

  • Determination of optical and opto-physical parameters (e.g. the overall energy transmittance and light transmission)

  • Testing the response of building elements and building components under climatic stress (UV radiation, temperature, humidity)


  • Construction products, e.g. windows, facades, doors, industrial doors and gates, solar protection systems

  • Components, e.g. profiles, roller shutter boxes, insulating glass units (IGU), insulating panels, solar shading systems


  • The tests are conducted by a competent team of physicists and engineers.

  • Participation in national and international standardisation committees ensures that the tests conducted are always in accordance with the current state of affairs. This applies to verification procedures approved by the building authorities as well as to examinations during the development stage.

Tests for the determination of physical characteristics may be conducted according to the following standards:

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