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Membership Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V.


The Association

ift Rosenheim is a registered association supported by the windows, facades, doors and gates manufacturing industry and their ancillary industries, e.g. for glass, sealants, hardware and more, as well as by other sustaining members. The variety of topics related to its membership structure and accreditations are the basis of ift´s neutral and independent status.


The objective

The objectives of the association are governed by non-profit purposes and serve to sustain the improvement of product quality, designs, and technologies as well as standardisation procedures, research and teaching. Revenues and membership fees also serve this purpose. For this reason, the articles of ift Rosenheim exclude all free of charge services.

The annual General Meeting of members takes place in mid-October, during the Rosenheimer Fenstertage, aiming to increase the dialogue and exchange of ideas between ift and members. Moreover, this exchange of information related to current questions is continuing actively, and on a practical basis in ift´s panels as well as directly, in contact with clients. The ift team provides personal services on a daily basis for its members, and ift members are also preferred partners for research and development as well as for the creation of new guidelines or for presentations at trade fairs.


Benefits for ift Members

  • Discounts on literature, seminars and events
  • Free download of technical information and research reports in the exclusive member area on our website
  • Free use of the technical hotline and personal care in case of enquiries
  • Transfer of technology and standards with exclusive information in the fields of technology, standardisation and research
  • Privileged cooperation on research projects, preparation of standards, bulletins and presentations on fairs
  • Support in questions concerning standards, research and technical lobby work and more
  • Membership info "ift impulse" (available in German only)


Annual membership fee

The annual membership fee of EUR 800,00 has remained unchanged since January, 1999 and is due at the beginning of January each year. If your membership begins during the course of a calendar year, the annual fee is calculated in proportion to the year. You can apply for membership with the help of the adjoining download form.


VFF Members

Membership is open to companies, individual and institutions. The "ordinary" members (manufacturers) of the Association of Windows + Facades (Verband Fenster + Fassade, VFF) are simultaneously also members of the Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V.; there is no separate application necessary for this purpose.


Der jährliche Mitgliedsbeitrag beträgt seit dem 01.01.1999 unverändert 800,00 Euro und ist jeweils zum Januar eines Jahres zu entrichten. Im Jahr der Aufnahme wird der Mitgliedsbeitrag monatsanteilig berechnet.
Die Mitgliedschaft am Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V. kann mittels nebenstehendem Formular beantragt werden. 
Mitglieder können Firmen, Personen und Institutionen werden. 
Einen Teilbereich der Leistungen (exklusive Informationen, Mitgliederbereich der Website, kostenlose Nutzung des Forschungsarchivs, Normen News etc.) bietet auch das ifz Rosenheim.

VFF Mitglieder

Die "ordentlichen" Mitglieder (ausschließlich Hersteller) im Verband Fenster + Fassade (VFF) sind gleichzeitig auch Mitglied im Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V.; hierfür bedarf es keinen weiteren Mitgliedschaftsantrag.


Doris Aniol

Assistant to Director of Institute
+49 8031 261-2231
+49 8031 261-282231