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ift Special Show „Building elements TripleS"


Type of event
Industrial fair

14.01.2019 - 19.01.2019

Hall C4, Stand 502
Messe BAU

The topic "Smart Home" is highly topical, but what about "Safe" and "Secure"? After all, components with electric drives are also machines within the meaning of the Machinery Directive. There are special safety requirements that must be observed during planning, tendering and execution in order to avoid risks and liability risks.



This is where the special show "Building elements TripleS - Smart | Safe | Secure" comes in. On the basis of exhibits from leading manufacturers of gates, doors, windows, shading and glazing as well as controls and sensors, the technical possibilities and safety systems are shown. This includes the risk analysis and correct tendering by planners, the testing of electrical and functional safety by the manufacturer, professional installation and commissioning by the fitter as well as professional maintenance by builders and building operators.

The problems and requirements for more complex application scenarios are also shown, such as burglary resistance (incl. hacking), fire and smoke, behaviour in the event of a power failure, misuse, escape route security or data protection.

The experts of ift Rosenheim will present the normative and legal basis for this. In addition, new guidelines and test procedures are presented which are necessary.

Stand concept

  • The focus is on practical tips for simple planning, installation, connection, configuration and use of smart components.
  • Components (front door, window, façade, sun protection and sliding door) will be shown live at the special show as an example of how the assembly and configuration of the electronic components and their connection to the control system (app) can function.
  • Overview and tips for selecting suitable safety systems
  • Information on properties, standards, laws, test procedures and the maintenance, monitoring and certification of electronic components and automatic components.

Link to the four main topics of the BAU 2019

  1. Digitization/Automation/Smart Home – Planning and secure use of current systems for Smart Home
  2. Light (Smart Light and Building) – User-oriented, automatic and energy-efficient systems for shading, light control and switchable glazing as well as 3D simulations for daylight
  3. Living + working in the city – Use of smart home technology to improve living and working conditions
  4. System solutions for construction and components – Presentation of complete systems that ensure the safe integration of construction technology, drives, sensors and controls as well as the connection to building technology and building automation.

Workshop: Smart Home – Tips for entering new business opportunities

The trend towards Smart Home / Smart Building is obvious. But which possibilities should be seriously considered? Which products and offers should be used to become familiar with? How can customer requirements easily determined and documented?

The workshop presents an overview of the topics and serves as an orientation to further steps. It is organized by ift Rosenheim and the Institute for Building Technology (IGT).

It will take place from Tuesday to Thursday at the ift booth from 17.30 to 18.00 o'clock.

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Head of PR & technical Communication

ift Rosenheim is committed to communicating the knowledge it has acquired to building professionals, planners and interested house owners dealing with windows, facades, glass, doors, garage doors and building materials.

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