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Special Show Green Deal

CO2 efficiency and protection against climate consequences with sustainable windows and building elements

Type of event
Industrial fair

12.07.2022 - 15.07.2022

Halle 1, Stand 339

The damage caused by climate change and the resulting costs are rising steadily, and the targets set by German and European climate policy can only be achieved through radical savings. The necessary measures must focus much more on the building sector than in the past, because this is where around 40% of CO2 emissions are emitted, and achieving the sectoral reduction in emissions is still a long way off.



The great potential in the fight against climate change lies in the energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings. Policymakers must provide instruments for this, such as an obligation to replace existing building components, stricter energy requirements and attractive subsidy programs.

However, the CO2 footprint of building products must also be given greater attention, because the "gray energy" required for the construction of new buildings accounts for a large proportion and must not be neglected. Politicians are also aware of this, so building elements and building materials must become more CO2-efficient and should have higher proportions of renewable resources and recycled materials. In addition, protection against climate extremes must also be considered. Building elements must therefore protect against heat waves, floods, hurricanes, but also against unexpected cold spells with large amounts of snow.


At the "Green Deal" special show, ift Rosenheim and 11 other exhibitors will be presenting the appropriate technologies for climate resilience and climate change in hall 1, booth 339:

  • A|U|F e.V.
    Recycling system for aluminum window and facade systems
  • Finstral AG
    Sustainable two-stage installation system with optimal protection of windows during the construction phase and sustainable adaptation and functional change during the use phase.
  • F.R. Hauk Stahl- und Leichtmetallbau GmbH
    Smarthome windows made of aluminum with automatic hardware ventilation, with freely programmable ventilation functions, controlled external blinds, switchable glass and connection to smarthome systems.
  • Haustüren-Ring GmbH
    Passive house front door blank with integrated cable channel (Smarthome suitable for motor lock, fingerprint, control devices, cable transitions, etc.) and tested for climate class c,d and e according to EN 1121 with distortion stability even with dark colors and increased temperatures or sunlight. 
  • heroal - Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co. KG
    Highly insulating aluminum window system with adaptive, wind-resistant solar shading with integrated controllable solar drive for clampable retrofitting of buildings without interfering with the building structure.
  • ift MessTec GmbH
    Test rigs for testing even higher loads during climate extremes (hurricanes, hurricanes, heavy rain etc.) as well as remote testing (DigiTest) including remote maintenance and calibration.
  • ift Rosenheim GmbH
    Testing technology and expert know-how for climate resilient building elements as well as, certifications for energy/environmental management (ISO 50001/14001), life cycle assessments and CO2 emissions.
  • IGT - Institute for Building Technology GmbH
    Innovative consulting, planning and projecting competence for modern building technology, especially "Smart Buildings" to improve energy efficiency, resource consumption, safety and comfort.
  • LOKVE d.o.o.
    Sustainable wood window production with own power generation (PV), regional wood procurement, own sawmill and material recycling.
  • Meesenburg Grosshandel KG
    Highly insulating assembly frame for energy optimization and simplification of window assembly as well as for avoiding damage during the construction phase.
  • OKNOPLAST Germany GmbH
    Window system made of structurally reinforced PVC profiles with heat-reflective coating on the outside to reduce thermal deformation, integrated hardware ventilation, controllable solar shading, and nanocoating of titanium dioxide (TiO2) on the glazing to reduce harmful organic and inorganic compounds in the outside air.
  • RP Technik GmbH Profile Systems
    Filigree, thermally insulated steel-glass door with very narrow face widths and vacuum glazing (VIG) for optimum energy-efficient refurbishment of listed buildings as well as in high-end residential construction
  • UL
    Testing, research, certification and practical training for structural fire protection, as well as technical services for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings.


Recycling system

Window and facade systems (aluminum)

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Finstral FIN-Fix assembly frame

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Front door blank Typ Öko Passiv 78 mm

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Aluminum window system heroal W 72

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Official tests in customer laboratories


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Education, training and consulting

For modern building technology

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WinAlulok 100 Design

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Blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly frame

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Window system

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Steel and glass door „rp fineline 70“

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Testing, research, certification etc.

Structural fire protection

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