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ift-certified Specialist Company for Thermal Transmittance Calculations (iftFEM)

As an ift-certified Specialist Company for Thermal Transmittance Calculations, you can carry out standard-compliant thermal calculations of external building components, e.g. frame profiles, windows, doors, gates, curtain walls, roller shutter boxes and wall connections under CE-compliant conditions and prepare the technical documentation for CE marking.

These documents and calculations can be used as the basis for creating an ift-Nachweis.

With the ift portal, a direct interface to ift Rosenheim has been created to efficiently exchange the calculations and technical documentation, giving you an overview of your order and the associated expenses.

What's new?

In addition to the calculation of thermal transmittance for frame profiles of windows and facades (Uf values), iftFEM users can now also create proofs according to the following ift-Guidelines:

  • WA-01 Uf values for thermal break metal profiles of window systems
  • WA-02 Uf values for plastic profiles of window systems
  • WA-03 Uf values for thermal break metal profiles of facade systems (characteristic-line method)


The basis of the standard-compliant calculations are, among others, the standards:

  • EN ISO 10211:2017 Thermal bridges in building construction - Heat flows and surface temperatures - Detailed calculations,
  • EN ISO 10077-2:2017 Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters - Calculation of thermal transmittance.

The following calculation programs have been positively assessed and approved for carrying out thermal calculations:

Access Requirements

  • Successful certification for iftFEM with the certification scheme QM 339
  • Proof of professional qualification, e.g. by participation in seminar "Applied thermal insulation".
  • Activation and registration for "My ift"