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Test – Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Doorsets and Windows in the UK – PAS 24

Testing according to PAS 24 is a prerequisite for windows and doors to be used in the UK market.

PAS 24 consists of a specified test sequence for windows and doorsets with, among other things, manipulation tests on hardware and infillings, mechanical loading tests on hardware, manual cutting tests on infillings and dynamic loads from pendulum (soft body and hard body impact tests).

Test specimens are selected in cooperation with approved test or certification bodies in Great Britain and subjected to the standardized test sequences. The results can then be used on the British market.

Products in detail

The test can be carried out on the following products:

Doors, windows, sliding elements, folding sliding elements.

All advantages at a glance

On-site test of large-sized test specimens with dimensions up to 5 m x 5 m

Test in Germany

Recognition on the British market through cooperation with approved testing and certification bodies in Great Britain.

What we need for the test

  • Required test specimens: Component, installed ready for operation in a surround frame. Two identical test specimens are required for the test.
  • Required documents:
    • Drawing of test specimen as pdf
    • Description of test specimen (template comes from ift Rosenheim)
    • Drawings and installation instructions
Burglar resistance test rig 3.5 x 3.5 m in Rosenheim
Burglary test rig in Rosenheim (5 m x 5 m)
Burglar resistance test rig 5 x 5 m in Rosenheim
Burglary test rig in Rosenheim (3.5 m x 3.5 m)
Burglary test rig in a hall with double tyres in front of it
Burglary test rig - Location ift West (4.3 m x 2.1 m)