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Testing and Calibration by ift Rosenheim


Notified Testing, Certification and Surveillance Body

ift Rosenheim is an European notified testing, surveillance and certification body (NB 0757) that is internationally accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025. Its focus is on the practice-oriented, holistic and rapid testing of all characteristics of windows, facades, doors, gates, glass and building materials.


Test activities according to products and characteristics



ift Rosenheim

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The activities of the testing institute can be divided into products and characteristics. Facades & conservatories, windows & external doors as well as glass & glass accessories are part of the products. The normative conversion and monitoring of technical specifications in Europe is guaranteed by the cooperation in national and European standardisation organisations as well as by the chairmanship in important committees.

The fields of fire protection, building physics, building acoustics and many more are part of testing according to characteristics. The testing institute has extensive lab equipment with experienced test engineers and offers a wide range of international standard testing methods. Time saving is possible due to this interaction when testing your products.


National Technical Test Certificate (AbP)

National technical test certificates are granted for unregulated building products and designs which do not serve to fulfill considerable requirements of the safety of construction works. The distribution takes place by acknowledged testing bodies.

Note: ift Rosenheim is obliged as per § 21a Section 2 Sentence 2 MBO on behalf of with § 21 Section 6 MBO and/or the appropriate regulations of the regional building codes to disclose publicly the national technical test certificates after subject and essential content. ift Rosenheim fulfills this publication requirement by sending the national technical test certificates to Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau (irb).

The irb publishes the national technical test certificates in their data base on the website in the section ’BZP - Technical Approvals and Test Certificates’.


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