Two test engineers carry out a test on a window test rig. One checks the test specimen, the second sits in front of the computer.

Tests by ift Rosenheim

ift Rosenheim is an Europe-wide notified testing, monitoring and certification body (NB 0757) and internationally accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025. The focus is on practical, holistic and rapid testing, evaluation and quality assurance of products and building components from a single source.


Services of the Testing Institute

The testing institute has comprehensive laboratory facilities with experienced operating testing officers and offers a wide range of international standard test procedures.

The normative transformation and monitoring of technical specifications in Europe is ensured by participation in national and European standardization bodies, as well as by chairing important committees.

Our spectrum of services includes: Window and door tests according to EN 14351-1, facade tests according to EN 13830, fire resistance tests according to EN 16034, tests of industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates according to EN 13241 as well as hardware, glass and building material tests. We also test and certify respirators and medical face masks according to EN 149.

All advantages at a glance

With the flexible accreditation of categories 1, 2 and 3, different standards may be used flexibly (depending on the test area) or test standards may be modified and further developed.

Reduced test efforts through international accreditations and bilateral partnerships

Tests on modern and large-scale test rigs at ift Rosenheim and on your company's own test rigs for maximum flexibility

Testing of all characteristics relevant for your construction products (e.g. acoustics, fire, building physics, safety) from a single source

Our Testing Laboratories

An test engineer looks into the camera, next to him are a microphone and a loudspeaker for acoustic tests

Laboratory Building Acoustics

The laboratory for building acoustics in Rosenheim has earned the highest professional accreditation through its years of experience. The laboratory has all the necessary test rigs and expert knowledge to investigate the main issues relating to building acoustics in laboratory tests.
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A test engineer in a sun-protective suit stands in front of an illuminated Calimero test rig

Laboratory Building Physics

The laboratory building physics is partner of manufacturers and licensers of all types of building elements. The lab is equipped with various test facilities (hot box, guarded hot plate, spectrometer, integrating sphere, climatic test rigs) for carrying out tests in compliance with the standards.
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Laboratory Fire and Smoke Control

ift Rosenheim is partner for manufacturers of fire safety components. The laboratory's performances include the determination of fire resistance, durability, smoke leakage and fire behaviour.
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Lab Burglar Resistance & Safety Testing

The laboratory offers test rigs at several locations as well as the possibility to test large-format units on site. This enables flexible and fast ARC-Shape of test orders.
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Test engineer removes specimens from a test chamber

Laboratory Material Testing

In the laboratory for material testing, all materials required for the production of windows, doors, industrial doors and gates can be tested regarding ageing as well as mechanical and chemical-analytical properties.
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Two test engineers carry out a test on a window test rig. One checks the test specimen, the second sits in front of the computer.

Laboratory Wind Load & Tightness

The laboratory is the reliable partner for licensers and manufacturers of windows, doors, gates, facades as well as wall connections when it comes to carrying out individual, system or object tests on-site in Rosenheim or on the company's own test rigs.
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Testing of respirators

As a notified body according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, ift Rosenheim offers type tests, quality assurance tests as well as certifications for respirators (e.g. FFP2).
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Special Tests according to Your Specifications

Due to the flexible accreditation according to Cat. II, ift Rosenheim is able to develop new test methods or modify existing ones to meet your individual requirements. Furthermore, due to the unique constellation that ift Rosenheim, with its entire testing experience and flexible laboratories, also bundles the test equipment construction ift MessTec and the ift calibration laboratory, special tests of all kinds can also be realised.

For your very special test task, ift Rosenheim designs and builds the required test facilities or extensions to existing test facilities. If possible, standards or guideline specifications serve as a basis. However, special tests can also be designed and carried out directly according to ustomer specifications. However, the basis is always a reproducible test setup, calibrated measuring and test equipment and comprehensive documentation. On request, these special test facilities can also be purchased by the client according to the test.

Contact us and let us talk through your very specific assignments.

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National Technical Test Certificates

National technical test certificates are issued for unregulated construction products and types of construction, the use of which does not serve the fulfillment of significant requirements for the safety of structural installations. The certificates are granted by accredited testing bodies.

Note: Pursuant to § 21a paragraph 2 sentence 2 of Prototype Building Regulation in conjunction with § 21 paragraph 6 of Prototype Building Regulation and the corresponding provisions of the regional building codes, ift Rosenheim is obliged to publish the National technical test certificates according to subject matter and essential content. ift Rosenheim complies with this publication obligation by sending the certificates to the Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau (irb).

irb publishes the certificates in its database on the website under the section "BZP - Bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen und Prüfzeugnisse” (technical approvals and test certificates).