Support the ift Academy

You can support our efforts to make qualifications and further education available to interested groups, companies and users by becoming a " Supporter of the ift Academy".

Supporting the ift Academy has many advantages.

The supporter will be mentioned by name or logo in all major advertising campaigns for events. This includes, among other things

  • Annual program (circulation 5,000 copies)
  • Monthly newsletter (8,000 addresses)
  • Academy website (around 500,000 hits)
  • Presentation at the events

In addition to these advertising benefits, there are also concrete financial incentives:

  • 10 % discount on many event types (combined with ift membership even 20 %), i.e. for seminars, professional education, conferences, ED PRO
  • Discounted company contingents by arrangement with the head of the academy
  • No cancellation fees

You are welcome to use your support for your own advertising purposes.

Supporter contribution: EUR 5,000 p.a.

Eike Rauscher


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