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ift Rosenheim – Institut für Fenstertechnik

Introducing ift Rosenheim

Since it was founded in 1966, ift Rosenheim feels obliged towards a holistic view of building components and constructions. The ift accompanies the window, facade and door industry, regardless of materials deployed, in all questions related to standards, research, accreditation as well as verification of tests or calculations and certificates.

A team of scientists, engineers and practitioners in various fields of expertise, and state-of-the-art equipped laboratories at hand, offer excellent preconditions for the verification of all product characteristics. Additionally, the ift certification body is certified to establish its own rules for the specification and assurance of product quality.


ift Rosenheim acts as a leading authority in disputes, offering scientific analysis of the cause of damage and developing feasible plans for refurbishment. Collaboration with national and European standardisation commissions and convenorship of important committees in Europe warrant the standardised implementation of technical requirements and their surveillance.


ift also supports its clients in international market activities, aiming to avoid multiple tests or surveillance operations. ift Rosenheim provides new knowledge in form of standardised specifications, guidelines, certification schemes, professional publications, workshops and seminars.


During trade fairs and conventions of the industry, the latest trends and innovations are presented in an appealing and effective way to the public.


The History of ift Rosenheim


ift Labor Meachnik - TG4

Wenn Experten mit langjähriger Erfahrung im Ofenbau (Peiner Ofen- und Feuerungsbau (PeOF)) und der Entwicklung von spezialisierter Prüf- und Messtechnik (ift MessTec) Hand in Hand arbeiten, entstehen innovative und leistungsfähige Anlagen. Diese erfolgreiche Teamarbeit wird in der neuen ift MessTec GmbH ausgebaut. Als Tochter des ift Rosenheim ging die neue Gesellschaft am 1. August 2016 an den Start. (v.l.n.r.: Manfred Globke mit den beiden Geschäftsführern Matthias Fröhleke und Stephan Lechner)

Einweihung des neuen Technologzentrums des ift Rosenheim

On 8 June 2016, the ift Technology Center (TZ) was inaugurated in Rosenheim. With a total investment of EUR 7.5 million the most modern test centers for components arose on a floor space of 3,000 m². Large-sized doors, gates, walls and stud walls with dimensions up to 8 x 5 meters are tested on durability, burglar resistance, wind load, air permeability, wind and water tightness as well as on smoke protection and fire resistance.

ift Labor Meachnik - TG4


The Laboratory Mechanics right opposite the main building covers the recently renovated premises at Theodor-Gietl-Straße 4. This is where the test equipment for smoke protection, durability tests and burglar resistance are located.

ift Hauptgebäuder - Neubau


The existing building at the main site has been modernised extensively. An extension with new offices and a large training room has been erected. The ventilated facade is equipped with photovoltaic modules using thin film technology.

Brandschutzprüfung ift Rosenheim


The new swivel-type fire test furnaces were inaugurated with a festive mood at the ift Centre for Fire Testing in Nuremberg in the presence of numerous guests. The technical speciality of this fire furnace built in large size is the swivel-type construction with a clear opening of 5 times 5 meters for test specimens.

Prüfmittelbau ift Rosenheim


ift Rosenheim has a workforce of over 100 employees. The department of measurement and control technology is being shifted to new premises. New office rooms and testing halls are being set up on a floor space of 1,000 square foot at Tegernsee Straße.

Professor Ulrich Sieberath


Prof. Ulrich Sieberath, the previous assistant director, takes over as director of ift Rosenheim.

Schallschutzlabor ift Rosenheim


The integration of the institutes PTE and LSW strengthens the efficiency in Rosenheim and enhances ift`s performance. The goal achieved by the merger was to improve the service for customers and members by optimising hierarchies and processes, and flexible utilisation of the expanded resources and competencies.

Brandschutzprüfung ift Rosenheim Nürnberg


ift Rosenheim supplemented its versatile spectrum of services with fire protection test facilities in the fire protection centre in Nuremberg. Additionally, a new facade test facility for facades with a size of up to 10 x 14 m has been set up in Deggendorf.

Dr. Helmut Hohenstein


Dr. Helmut Hohenstein succeeds Professor Josef Schmid as director of ift Rosenheim.

Gebäude Wintergarten ift Rosenheim


The institute expanded further one more time. The halls of the acquired neighbouring building offer the ideal space for testing of facades, doors and anti-burglary devices.

ift Rosenheim Gebäude


Due to the fact that the number of staff members had increased to 40, further expansion of the institute became necessary. A new building on the "grünen Wiese" (green meadow) offered ideal working conditions.

Professor Josef Schmid - ift Rosenheim


After the retirement of the founder of the institue, Prof. Josef Schmid took over as director of ift Rosenheim.

ift Rosenheim - Neubau mit Büros und Prüflabor


The staff moved into a new building with offices and a test laboratory.

Baracke - ift Rosenheim


Moving into a reconstructed RAD-barrack opened up the opportunity to use the windows test rig during unfavourable weather conditions as well.

Professor Erich Seifert - ift Rosenheim


On the 10th of March of 1966, Prof. Erich Seifert, established ift Rosenheim and was appointed director of the institute. A single occupancy house in Aisingerwies, close to Rosenheim, provided the first rooms for the institute.

50 Years of Research and Testing in the Service of Quality and Safety 




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