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CE Tool: CE marking - digital and paperless

ift Rosenheim has developed a database that stores the results of test certificates from system providers in digital form. For the declaration of performance and CE marking of its products, a manufacturer can access this data.


  • The manufacturer requires a user agreement with its licensor granting it authorization to use the licensor's data.

  • The manufacturer requires software for digital access to the database. This can be a commercially available window manufacturer software or an in-house programming.

  • Klaes GmbH & Co KG has already implemented this access and integrated the so-called CE tool in its software.


  • The manufacturer can access the data in the database digitally and paperlessly.

  • The digitally available data enables the manufacturer to create the documents required due to the extensive documentation obligations according to CPR faster and more efficiently.

  • Manufacturers using the window manufacturer software of Klaes GmbH & Co. KG receive suggestions for declarations of performance and CE markings through the CE tool integrated in it.

  • The manufacturer reviews these suggestions and signs the declaration of performance for the market launch of his products.

In Cooperation with Klaes

Torsten Voigt

Certification and Surveillance Body