Privacy Policy of ift Rosenheim GmbH


Information on the Privacy Policy

At ift Rosenheim GmbH (ift), we are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personally identifiable information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address. This is why we operate our web activities in compliance with the laws related to privacy policy and data security.


Intended Purpose

Personally identifiable information provided by you is generally used to respond to your queries, to process your orders or to provide you with access to certain information and offers. To maintain customer relationships it may also be necessary to save and process your personally identifiable information so that we may respond to your needs.

Of course, we respect the fact that you would not like to share your personally identifiable information with us to support our customer relations. We will never sell your personally identifiable information to any third party or market it in any other way.


Specific Restricted Use

ift will collect, process and use the personally identifiable information provided by you only for the purpose specified to you, with the exception that information may be collected, processed and used

  • to serve another purpose that is directly connected with the initial purpose
  • if it is necessary to prepare, negotiate and fulfil a contract agreement with you
  • if it is required by a legal obligation or an official or judicial order
  • to prevent misuse or other illegal activities to ensure data security or if it is needed in defence of lawsuits, e.g. intentional hacking into the systems of ift.


Personally Identifiable Information

We do not collect any personally identifiable information via our websites without your consent unless you provide such data voluntarily (e.g. by registering, subscribing to our newsletter) or if you have agreed to the information being collected or if the relevant legal regulations pertaining to the privacy policy permit it. For example, for subscription to the newsletter, we may collect information such as your title, surname, first name, company address, phone number, fax number and email addresses.

If you use our website, ift collects personally identifiable information for various purposes. Detailed information on various divisions is available here.

You may revoke your consent at any time that ift uses your information for contacting you in the future. Furthermore, you can request that your data is deleted or blocked as long as this complies with legal regulations.


1. Subscribing to Our Newsletter

Information for promotional purposes will be sent to you by email only if you have first consented to the use of your email address for this purpose. We do not send any emails or newsletters for promotional purposes without your consent. While subscribing to our newsletter you can opt to receive information only on specific fields of interest. Apart from your personally identifiable information, we use this data only to select information that is of special interest to you. Of course, you may unsubscribe from the newsletter whenever you like. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or by unsubscribing at


Your personally identifiable information will never be shared with third parties.


It goes without saying that our database and servers conform to the highest security benchmarks and hence, to the best of our knowledge and belief, we guarantee the security of your information against loss, misuse as well as against any unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or deletion. Your data is transferred to our servers with the help of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security standard.


2. Non-personally Identifiable Information Collected Automatically

Occasionally some non-personally identifiable information is collected automatically (not when you log in) when you access our websites, which is not assigned to any specific person (e.g. about the web browser used, the operating system, the domain name of the website from where you reached our websites, the number of visits, the average time spent on the sites and the pages that you browsed). We use this information only to determine how attractive our websites are and to improve their performance and contents.


3. "Cookies" - Information that is Automatically Stored on Your Computer

Currently we do not use any cookies. If cookies are used subsequently and you visit one of our websites, it may happen that information in form of a cookie is stored on your computer, which will be recognized by the websites automatically during your next visit. If you would not like your computer to be identified again, please adjust the settings of your web browser so that it deletes cookies from the hard drive of your computer, all cookies get blocked or that you receive an alert before cookies get stored.


4. Children

Currently, we assume that no children visit and use our website. However, if children visit our website, their personally identifiable information would not be collected intentionally by ift. We shall use or disclose personally identifiable information of children generally only provided that it is permissible by law to obtain the statutory parental consent or to protect the children. The terms "child" "children" are defined by the nationally applicable legal provisions and cultural customs.


5. Security

ift meets technical and organisational security measures to protect your personally identifiable information from inadvertent or illegal deletion, modification or loss and to safeguard it against unauthorised disclosure or access.

Your information is kept secure behind a series of firewalls and thus protected from any external access. We handle your data in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act, i.e. your information is neither processed nor shared with any third party.


6. Links to Other Websites

ift is not liable for the contents of other providers that can be accessed on their site. Links on our site refer also to content that is not saved on our own servers. External content has been checked for illegality and culpability at the time of setting up the links. All the same, it cannot be ruled out that the contents have been modified subsequently by the website providers. ift is not obliged to check this continuously and hence, declines any liability.


7. Online Shop

ift operates an online shop to sell technical articles and literature.


Payment is done via our service provider TeleCash. We have selected an approved and reliable service provider. Payment with various credit cards is available as one of the payment modes. ift Rosenheim GmbH does not have access to any payment information such as, for example, credit card numbers.


Your personally identifiable information such as surname, first name, company address, email address, delivery address, VAT-ID to calculate the value-added tax is saved in our accounting system for issuing the invoice and delivery of your goods. This information must be stored in accordance with legal regulations.


8. Secured Customer Area

ift places a special area at the disposal of its customers. This is where all the documentation created for our customers is stored. Such documentation includes certificates, test reports, purchase orders, invoices etc. In case this data contains personally identifiable information, ift shall ensure that the data is stored and processed in conformance with applicable laws.


Customers are provided with their own separate data area. They receive an access code from ift. Customers set their own password that is known only to them. Thus, it is ensured that only ift and the customer have access to the customer's data and information.


If data is uploaded to this area by the customers as well, they are responsible for this information as well as for the legality of saving, processing and deleting the same. ift only provides the storage area for the data.



Enforcement and Compliance with this Privacy Policy

ift Rosenheim GmbH undertakes to comply with all the above-mentioned aspects related to the privacy policy as described. This is monitored by the Data Protection Officer of ift Rosenheim GmbH. In case of any queries, suggestions and/or concerns related to the privacy policy of please contact:


ift Rosenheim GmbH


Data Protection Officer, ift Rosenheim GmbH

Herr Gerhard Smischek 
Ingenieurbüro Smischek GmbH & Co. KG
Grenzstraße 37 
86391 Stadtbergen 
Tel.: +49 (0)170 234 73 11