Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

VOC – volatile organic compounds

For products subject to CE marking, a statement on possible indoor air-relevant emissions will be required in future. The ift certification scheme QM 359 examines products with regard to their VOC emissions.

"Volatile organic compounds" is a collective term for gaseous and vaporous substances of organic origin in the air. These are a variety of synthetic and natural substances that outgas from various interior materials and products even at room temperature.

According to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), a statement on the respective possible indoor air-relevant emissions will also be required in the future for products subject to CE marking. Similarly, various building certification systems require evidences for compliance with limit values for the construction products used. In case of DGNB and BNB certification, this is even an exclusion criterion.

With the ift certification scheme "QM 359 - VOC Emissions from Construction Products", manufacturers of doors can prove that their products are examined and assessed with regard to their VOC emissions.

Procedure VOC Certification Scheme (QM359)

Step 1

Kick-off Meeting

  • Initial overview of the portfolio
  • Definition of versions to be covered
  • Offer/conclusion of certification contract
Step 2

Kick-off Surveillance Visit

  • Manufacturing analysis (assessment of factory production control)
  • Creation of a detailed product and/or variant overview
Step 3

Selection of Representative Versions

  • Selection of representative versions for short-term testing
  • Sampling, implementation of tests and analysis of screening samples
Step 4

Selection of "Worst Case" Version

  • Selection of the "worst case" version for emission chamber examination
  • Procedure and analysis of the main examination
Step 5

Handover of Certification Certificate

Confirmation of the assessment criteria

Step 6

Annual Repetition

Annual screening sample and monitoring of production

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