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Volatile organic compound  

(VOC – volatile organic compound)


Low-emission construction products for the indoor use are becoming more and more interesting for construction.

Due to the requirements in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), an evidence for all possible emisions relevant for indoor air has to be given in future for products subject to CE marking - besides many other performance characteristics.

Up to now, there is no European harmonized assessment methods available for an evaluation of the emissions of construction products. However, three European states introduced their own rules and evaluation systems in addition to a series of private identification systems. The realization of these requirements is not yet a direct part of CE marking, however, as soon as the products are brought in the respective markets, they have to meet the existing national requirements and implement them.

Within the research projects of ift Rosenheim, the emission potentials of construction products like windows and interior doors were examined and evaluated in the last years. The target was to create a general database as well as to develop a procedure, so that future changes of the product standards in this area can be prepared useful and practical.

Furthermore, evidences are required by different building certification systems for the compliance with limit values of the used construction products.

The importance of these topics has been recognized by the industry. The research projects of ift Rosenheim aim at collecting experience and findings in these areas and to try to develop as practical and appropriate investigation opportunities and verification possibilities as possible.

Therefore, ift Rosenheim has published the ift-Guideline UM-01/1, where the method for a representative selection of samples and the product-specific examination of VOC emissions of interior doors is described. Upon request, you will receive further information regarding the topic and the suitable ift-certification scheme.


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