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Calibration Laboratory

according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Since its establishment, ift Rosenheim has been developing, building and calibrating special measuring tools and test rigs for the construction products of the business sector. After many years of experience in calibrating ift's own measuring tools and test rigs, ift Rosenheim had its competence as a calibration laboratory confirmed by DAkkS for the first time in 2012 through accreditation according to the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17025.

ift Calibration Certificates for accredited calibrations must meet strict requirements according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and are issued with the DAkkS logo and the general accreditation number "D-K-11349-01-00".


Currently, the ift calibration laboratory offers accredited calibrations for the following measurands:

  • Dimensional measurands (D-K-11349-01-01): Length, length measuring equipment
  • Mechanical measurands (D-K-11349-01-02): - Pressure - Flow metre of liquids and gases (air)
  • Thermodynamic measurands (D-K-11349-01-02): Temperature (direct reading thermometers, temperature indicators and simulators, thermocouples)


A special advantage for ift clients is the accreditation for on-site calibrations - i.e. outside the ift calibration laboratory. This means that ift clients do not have to send the test equipment; instead, the ift calibration technician travels to the test rig. This enormously reduces the downtime of the test equipment to be calibrated in the client's laboratory.

Current and detailed information on the specific scope of accreditation, i.e. the accredited measurands, possible measuring ranges and measurement uncertainties, is available for download.


Advantages of accredited calibrations

Accredited calibrations offer

  • highest safety due to traceability of the measurand,
  • guaranteed accuracy and/or smallest measurement uncertainty
  • international accreditation of the calibration certificate in the countries whose accrediting institutions have signed the multilateral agreements (MLA): EA, IAF, ILAC.


Additional services

On client's request, we offer non-accredited calibrations for additional measurands, for which a so-called "factory calibration certificate" is drawn up, which is consequently not an accredited report and not covered by the EA MLA.

If, in addition to the DAkkS  certificate or factory calibration certificate, you would like confirmation whether or that your test equipment/test rig is appropriate for an intended use, ift Rosenheim offers an evaluation of conformity based on one or more calibrations. In this case, the ift report on the calibration contains not only the calibration certificate(s) but also the results of this assessment - designated as "ift-Nachweis".

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