ift-EPD Tool

With the ift-EPD tool, individual EPDs are created in no time with one mouse click on the basis of product- or project-specific LCAs (life cycle assessments) for manufacturers.

Within a life cycle assessment (LCA), the flows of material and energy of a product are recorded and its environmental impacts are determined over its entire life cycle. LCAs thus form the basis for demonstrating environmental impacts.

These environmental impacts and other company- and product-specific information are reported in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Advantages at a glance - for manufacturers

Time and cost saving, reduction of workload

Simplification of processes

Creation of EPD automated by mouse click

Analysis always possible specifically for one project

Unique in the Industry

  • Digital creation of EPDs
  • Compilation of project-specific EPDs
  • Compilation of any number of EPDs
  • Any number of EPDs can be updated by reissuing per mouse click

Advantages at a glance - for system and software houses

Better marketing of products

Current data

Customer retention

Specific product statements in EPD

Possible integration in BIM

Procedure of the compilation of an EPD via ift-EPD tool

The window, door or facade manufacturer creates a project using design software (e.g. LogiKal).

With a mouse click, he can request an EPD in this software for an entire project, which may consist of several different windows, doors or facades. The enquiry and all relevant data are passed on to the ift-EPD tool.

There, the environmental impacts are specifically calculated based on stored data and factors. The EPD is then created using the data and information provided and the calculated values, saved as a PDF and returned to the window, door or facade manufacturer.

The created EPDs can now be accessed at any time via the design software. If changes are made to the project, the EPD can be requested again at any time with a mouse click and thus updated. In addition, it is possible to create the EPD only for a specific product or for selected items of a project.

Ablauf einer EPD-Erstellung über das ift-EPD-Tool mit Kommunikation von Fenster- bzw. Fassadenbauer über Konstruktionssoftware mit ift-EPD-Tool und zurück.