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Fire protection – sectional door with liquid barrier


Product description

Combined fire protection – sectional door, including liquid barrier, tested on both sides up to 300 mm height and approved up to 500 mm for indoor use. Application for indoor and outdoor use possible. For outdoor use an approval must be applied for in individual cases.

All our products are tested according to the latest regulations of the European Union classified and marked accordingly. A leading product, which we manufacture for you on request to measure. Through individual installation options and a wide product portfolio, we also have a suitable solution for you. Thus, even construction projects with limited space can be realized. We manufacture the gate systems up to a maximum width of 5200 mm and a maximum height of 6967 mm. We will be glad to support you with our technicians.


Product benefits

  1. 50 000 load cycles according to C3
  2. Service life up to 120 minutes
  3. Running speed up to 0.6 m sec.
  4. Liquid barrier
  5. Wind load 5 is possible
  6. Burglary protection class RC 3
  7. Smoke tight SA according to EN 1634-3
  8. Wicket door centered possible
  9. Approved for mounting on aerated concrete, concrete and fire-resistant steel structures
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Fire protection sectional door
Fire protection sectional door
Fire protection sectional door