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blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly frame „in Advance“

The blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly frame “in Advance” consistently maintains the performance characteristics of the gauge function of an assembly frame for construction elements in prominent wall components.

Product description

The highly insulating, ductile profile bodies of the blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly frame are integrated into the overall wall structure according to concrete, object-specific specifications (installation planning/installation instructions).
Together with the doors and windows to be installed later, they bear “dressing gauges” for the trades:

  • Facade insulation/cladding/exterior plaster
  • Interior work/interior plaster

The high-quality construction elements – windows and doors – are installed in the frame system as the last component of the overall façade before concluding the construction project in accordance with the construction schedule. They cannot be damaged by other trades.     

The geometry of the blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly system “in Advance” is defined by the required position of the window in the complete wall section and the forces exerted by wind loads and dead weights from the construction elements.



Product benefits

Thanks to the installation position in the insulation layer of the blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly system “in Advance”, the thermal bridges are very limited and there are no energy losses by the elements when installed. There are virtually no thermal bridges thanks to not only the installation position, but also thanks to the low lambda value of 0.0375.

The elements are assembled at the end of the building phase, which has the advantage that the elements cannot be damaged during the building phase.

Laborious cleaning of the hardware is hereby prevented. The easy-to-transport, pluggable individual components enable prefabrication irrespective of the element size.

Architects can implement their ideas thanks to the individual profiling option for the blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly system “in Advance”. During installation, the elements simply have to be adjusted and screwed into the blaugelb Triotherm+ assembly system “in Advance” without complex alignment.

blue-yellow Triotherm+ mounting frame "in Advance"