UL International Germany GmbH

Testing + Certification

Testing, research, certification and further training for structural fire protection as well as technical services for planning, construction and management of sustainable buildings

Product description

Fire-rated doors, wall, floor and ceiling assemblies provide the necessary fire and smoke barriers to create compartmentalization during a fire, safeguarding against the spread of fire and smoke within a building or to and from a building. These assemblies need to meet fire and smoke safety and environmental sustainability requirements. We can help ensure that your materials, systems and assemblies are designed to meet these requirements by providing third-party certification of their safety and performance.

Our solutions also help confirm the safety, performance, reliability and security of your fire-resistant rated designs. Fire-resistance rated designs are used to achieve code compliant installations where the building codes require hourly rated designs. We test assemblies to international standards, establishing an hourly rating to provide evidence of compliance to code requirements.


Product benefits

  • We understand that meeting fire resistance safety requirements can be challenging, which is why we provide training, advisory, testing, verification, inspection and certification solutions for the fire resistance industry.

  • With a rich history of fire safety science behind us, we can provide third-party Verification that your products are in compliance with industry standards, helping them get to the market faster.

  • The UL Certification Mark on fire resistant products, systems and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to provide confidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements.

  • The UL Evaluation Report provides code authorities with added assurance that assemblies have been evaluated to the diverse code requirements to which they must comply.

  • Our testing services span across a broad spectrum of standards and evaluate product performance to all the critical attributes necessary to provide confidence in product performance.

Symbolic photo for a large fire.