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Decentralised ventilation LAD select EPP with heat recovery

The decentralised ventilation systems LAD from Aereco create comfort and reduce the heating requirement thanks to the integrated heat recovery. The integrated sensors ensure that optimum indoor air quality is permanently achieved.


Product description

With the decentralized ventilation LAD select EPP with heat recovery, an almost invisible intake opening on the facade is achieved thanks to well thought-out measures and the use of high-quality components. This ensures the best air quality for the living area with simultaneous heat recovery, without having to accept a visual impairment of the facade.

Due to the possibility of flexible positioning of the core hole and numerous accessories, a wide variety of installation situations can be realized.
Apart from the outer grille in the window reveal, no component is visible on the outer facade. The EPP flat ducts are available in two designs (L-shape/standard shape). Both flat duct shapes are installed in the facade insulation. The strengths of the EPP flat duct lie in its simple and safe handling as well as the modular expansion option. In addition, the reveal channels are supplied with practical plaster protection covers as standard.



Product benefits

  1. Demand-controlled ventilation:

    Thanks to the combination of demand control and heat recovery, Aereco ventilation systems make it possible to achieve excellent energy efficiency.

    Demand control, while ensuring permanent optimization of indoor air quality, allows to reduce the average air exchange rate. Heat recovery makes most of the energy contained in the exhaust air usable again to heat the supply air. This is not only easy on the purse, but also ensures the best possible living comfort.

  2. Easy installation:
    When using a shortenable EPP wall sleeve (DN 160 - Expanded Polypropylene), there is no need to drill an additional slope. This optional accessory for the LAD select series wall sleeve replaces a more complex core drilling through the outer wall. The outer hood and inner screen are attached by screwing these components to the outer wall accordingly
  3. Inconspicuous integration:
    Apart from the external grille in the window reveal, no component is visible on the external facade.
Decentralized ventilation system LAD
Decentralised ventilation system LAD, installation
Decentralised ventilation system LAD