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Sustainability at ift Rosenheim

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Recording and expanding sustainable measures in laboratories, administration and organisation

The construction sector is a major driver of a wide range of environmental impacts, in particular high resource consumption, land use and CO2 emissions. As a result, the discussion about a more sustainable construction industry is increasingly becoming the focus of politics and society. For ift Rosenheim, a holistic view of building components and constructions has been a central guideline since its foundation in 1966. Quality, serviceability and sustainability have always been considered in relation to each other. As a technical service provider to the construction industry, ift Rosenheim supports companies in the implementation of sustainability goals. Now, the systematic recording, planning and implementation of sustainability measures is also on the agenda at ift Rosenheim in order to live up to its own claim.

"Sustainable development goals" is written on the chart in large blue letters.
The ift Rosenheim bases its sustainability strategy on the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (Source: UN)
The diagram shows the new theme page " Sustainability at ift Rosenheim" on the ift Rosenheim website.
On the website, the ift regularly reports on current measures to improve sustainability at ift Rosenheim in the sense of transparent communication (Source: ift Rosenheim)

The three pillars of sustainability are economy, ecology and social issues. As a technical service provider, for ift Rosenheim this means competent and individual service for sustainability issues, respect for the needs of all stakeholders along the value chain, and a social and employee-friendly working environment. As in the vast majority of companies, the improvement of sustainability is extremely diverse and extensive and can only be managed if focal points are set.

This task has a high priority at ift Rosenheim and therefore the systematic development of a company-internal sustainability concept is now taking place. The basis is the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030. The starting point was a survey of employees and further workshops. As a result, five prioritised SDGs were defined where ift Rosenheim has the greatest impact. These are, in descending order of impact potential: SDG 12 "Sustainable consumption and production", SDG 9 "Industry, innovation and infrastructure", SDG 7 "Affordable and clean energy", SDG 17 "Partnerships to achieve the goals" and SDG 4 "Quality education". With its broad service portfolio and network, ift Rosenheim promotes climate resilience, transparency and sustainability of building products (SDG 12 and 9) and contributes to many normative bodies (SDG 17). Likewise, a significant contribution is made to the education and training of professionals in the sector (SDG 4).

The many measures already in place are systematically recorded and further developed within the framework of a sustainability report. These include, for example, new sustainability certifications for building products (SDG 12), practice-oriented research projects to promote sustainability in the construction industry (SDG 9), intensive cooperation in standards committees for 40 years (SDG 17) as well as comprehensive educational offers and scientific publications (SDG 4).

Also on the agenda is the introduction of environmental and energy management systems at ift Rosenheim as well as new further training courses on sustainability topics through the ift Academy. The Rosenheim Window Days will also become more sustainable for its 50th anniversary by using regional food and significantly reducing packaging and residual materials.

Because transparency is an important aspect of sustainability, we will regularly report on new actions.

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