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Finstral AG

Finstral FIN-Fix mounting frame for two-stage installation

Equipped for element with shading box incl. motor fan, glass railing attachment, insulated window sill, pre-drilled holes as well as foil closure


Product Description

Finstral FIN-Fix mounting frame is a heat-insulating, all-round corner-welded frame made of recycled PVC with steel insert. It is installed into the masonry during the wet construction phase. The actual window or door element is installed in a second step during the dry construction phase. Thus, it remains undamaged during the construction site. In addition, the frame also reduces the workload on the construction site. Thanks to delivery times of 2-3 weeks, frames are already installed while windows are still being manufactured. Future replacement of windows installed with a mounting frame is only a matter of minutes.

Finstral offers with FIN-Fix an extensively developed frame system. Shading boxes, insulated window sills, etc. can be prepared in the factory with FIN-Fix instead of being assembled on site. This effectively saves time and minimizes errors made by the increasingly valuable installation specialists. All FIN-Fix construction connections are ift-tested.




Product Benefits

  • no damage during installation: Construction moisture infestation, contamination and damage to the prefabricated elements is avoided by two-stage installation.
  • unbundled construction process: Coordination effort for the trades is simplified.
  • fast delivery time: Only 2-3 weeks delivery time for finished frames including all connecting profiles and equipment.
  • recommended by ift Rosenheim: Two-stage installation with frame is the best method for installation of windows and doors. All FIN-Fix construction connection details ift tested.
  • always made of PVC: Perfectly insulating PVC multi-chamber profiles made of 100% recycled, rot-free rigid PVC. Two anextruded seals for perfect sealing between frame and element.
  • integrated shading: Top box and guide rails pre-assembled on frame. Visible elements (panels for guide rails, hangings) are mounted only with window or door element.
  • stable shading box: Box made of PVC multi-chamber profiles: stable, flame-retardant. Provides perfect hold for fastening screws.
  • glass railing integrated: Almost concealed brackets on the side of the frame. Expert opinion from ift Rosenheim confirms usability as fall-proof component with fall-proof glazing.
  • foil closure ex works: Optional ex works: matching wooden frames with foil to close openings in wet construction phase.
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