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DDKS-S: Servoelectric durability test rig for windows and doors

Test rig and accessories for testing mechanical long-term durability on windows and doors. The device offers the option to test turn-tile, lift-slide and lift-slide-tilt windows right up to parallel slide-tilt doors, freely actuated or forcibly actuated according to the specified standards. The test program is taught-in freely via a joystick control element into the supplied PC (teach-in procedure).

DDSB: Test rig for durability testing of locks, latches, and emergency exit devices

Test rig and mountings for a long life testing of locks, latches, and emergency exit devices. Various lock systems are tested for different classifications in a durability test. This test rig consists of a stable screwed frame and two test doors, which are mounted axial and radial bearings to ensure rigidity according to the standard. In addition, we deliver test weights meeting the standard and a closing device with deflection roller and the required weights. Another component of the DDSB module is the control unit. This control unit operates the pressure and the durability function. It is c...

DDT: Test rig for durability testing of doors

Test rig and mountings for long life reliability testing of doors. Doors with or without handles can be tested as well as doors with a panic bar as an additional> The DDT module is controlled by a multiline display with soft keys. The planned cycles and actual figures as well as operating signals and error indicators are displayed on the control> The system works with two inductive proximity switches to indicate a closed/open door and a pushed handle. The operating unit is made of a door-activating cylinder and a special device, which pushes the door handle with a prede...

DQZ: Long-term transverse tensile test rig with temperature load


GWP: g-value test rig




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