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BP-IR: Infrared radiation test rig

BP-IR: Infrared radiation test rig

BP-UV: UV-radiation test rig


DDB: Durable test rig for single axis hinges

Test rig and mountings for a long life testing of single axis hinges. Windows as well as French windows hinges can be tested for different classifications. This module consists of a stable frame, a leaf with a mechanical attachment for test weights, a velocity and angle adjustable pneumatic cylinder for opening and closing the leaf, as well as three lowering measurement thorns and a Siemens LOGO! control unit. The parameters according to the test classification can be entered to the control unit. According to the standard the measures can be taken after prescribed cycles. There is the poss...

DDD: Test rig for durability testing of lever handles

Test rig and mountings for long life testing of lever handles and knob furniture. With this DDD module the durable operating of lever handles and knob furniture is simulated and evaluated. There is the possibility to test different door push button systems for their long-term functionality and to evaluate the results afterwards. As a specific feature of this test rig the high flexibility of the push button test is called by the wood test block and the variable setting of the implementation frequency.

DDKS-P: Pneumatic test rig for durability testing of windows and doors

Test rig and mountings for long life testing of windows and French windows. Turn/swivel as well as tilt function and simple sliding operation can be tested with this module. The control module is an operating device using a touch display for visualization. It also enables separate operation of two drive units. The delivery includes four velocity sensors for controlled and measured opening and closing. The main components of this test rig are a clamping surface, a control cabinet as well as four velocity sensors. With the turn and tilt drive unit windows and French windows are tested up to a wid...



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