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Mechanical durability

Ebenso beständig, rhythmisch und gewaltig wie Wellen ans Ufer branden, überschütten wir Produkte mit Dauerfunktionszyklen.

Da werden zum Beispiel Beschläge innerhalb einer Woche bis zu einer Million mal betätigt oder Fenster zigtausendmal geöffnet und wieder geschlossen.

Nach dieser Prüfung ist schnell klar, ob sie wie ein Fels der Brandung trotzen oder weggespült werden wie ein kleines Steinchen.


  • Prüfstand für Dreh-/Kipp-/Schiebe-Funktion

  • Prüfstand für Dreh-/Schwenk-, Kipp-/ und einfache Schiebe-Funktion

  • Prüfstand und Zubehör zur Prüfung der Langzeitbeständigkeit von Schlössern

  • Prüfstand zur Prüfung und Auswertung der mechanischen Langzeitbeständigkeit von Türdrückern und Türknäufen

  • Prüfstand zur Prüfung der Langzeitbeständigkeit von Bändern

  • Prüfstand zur Prüfung der Langzeitbeständigkeit von Türen

DDT: Test rig for durability testing of doors

Test rig and mountings for long life reliability testing of doors. Doors with or without handles can be tested as well as doors with a panic bar as an additional> The DDT module is controlled by a multiline display with soft keys. The planned cycles and actual figures as well as operating signals and error indicators are displayed on the control> The system works with two inductive proximity switches to indicate a closed/open door and a pushed handle. The operating unit is made of a door-activating cylinder and a special device, which pushes the door handle with a prede...

DDB: Durable test rig for single axis hinges

Test rig and mountings for a long life testing of single axis hinges. Windows as well as French windows hinges can be tested for different classifications. This module consists of a stable frame, a leaf with a mechanical attachment for test weights, a velocity and angle adjustable pneumatic cylinder for opening and closing the leaf, as well as three lowering measurement thorns and a Siemens LOGO! control unit. The parameters according to the test classification can be entered to the control unit. According to the standard the measures can be taken after prescribed cycles. There is the poss...

HMG-300: Hand measuring device

Depending on the type version, this mobile compact measuring device measures velocity, force, and torque.The HMG 300 has a 3.2 inch command touch screen and an USB-port. This USB-port is used for data exchange with a PC as well as for charging the lithium-ion-battery. You can choose from the following sensors and connect them with the multifunction meter HMG 300, for checking the required feature: Velocity The velocity measure is especially designed for measuring of the opening and closing velocity of windows and doors during a durability test. Force The force measure is primarily designed f...

DDD: Test rig for durability testing of lever handles

Test rig and mountings for long life testing of lever handles and knob furniture. With this DDD module the durable operating of lever handles and knob furniture is simulated and evaluated. There is the possibility to test different door push button systems for their long-term functionality and to evaluate the results afterwards. As a specific feature of this test rig the high flexibility of the push button test is called by the wood test block and the variable setting of the implementation frequency.

DDSB: Test rig for durability testing of locks, latches, and emergency exit devices

Test rig and mountings for a long life testing of locks, latches, and emergency exit devices. Various lock systems are tested for different classifications in a durability test. This test rig consists of a stable screwed frame and two test doors, which are mounted axial and radial bearings to ensure rigidity according to the standard. In addition, we deliver test weights meeting the standard and a closing device with deflection roller and the required weights. Another component of the DDSB module is the control unit. This control unit operates the pressure and the durability function. It is c...

DDKS-P: Pneumatic test rig for durability testing of windows and doors

Test rig and mountings for long life testing of windows and French windows. Turn/swivel as well as tilt function and simple sliding operation can be tested with this module. The control module is an operating device using a touch display for visualization. It also enables separate operation of two drive units. The delivery includes four velocity sensors for controlled and measured opening and closing. The main components of this test rig are a clamping surface, a control cabinet as well as four velocity sensors. With the turn and tilt drive unit windows and French windows are tested up to a wid...

DDKS-S: Servoelectric durability test rig for windows and doors

Test rig and accessories for testing mechanical long-term durability on windows and doors. The device offers the option to test turn-tile, lift-slide and lift-slide-tilt windows right up to parallel slide-tilt doors, freely actuated or forcibly actuated according to the specified standards. The test program is taught-in freely via a joystick control element into the supplied PC (teach-in procedure).

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