ZPM-U: Universal bending and tension machine


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Product Datasheet

General product description

Test rig and accessories for tension and compression testing for single-plane safety glass or ship/marine glass.

The test rig is made of a solid coated metal frame. A hydraulic servo axis is installed in the center. Those raises controlled force loads to the specimen. The compressing indenter attachment and the bearing are made of an Ø 50 mm steel shaft, coated with rubber, and inserted in high performance slide bearings.

G: Glass (single-pane and toughened safety glass)
SG: Shipbuilding and marine structures
E: Welded corner and T-joint

The measurement occurs by a protected measuring system with a range of 500 mm that is installed protected in the hydraulic cylinder. A premium load cell and a carries frequency amplifier measure the force load.

The evaluation of the breaking load and the recording of the measured values in Excel format take place by the software. A comprehensive data evaluation about the optionally contained Excel-Macro is simply possible.

The surrounding and the operating staff are protected by a Plexiglas hood. Furthermore a security check against glass fragments is installed at the doors. A container catches the cullet below the test rig.


On request the following options can be offered:

  • Electro mechanic tension and compression test rig (like basic version however, load initialization via a servo regulated electro spindle and 20 kN premium load cell)
  • Bending strength of plate glasses (EN 1288-3; four point bending indenter and four point controlling bearing incl. rubber coating)
  • Determination of the strength of welded corners and t-joints (DIN ISO 614; compressing indenter and bearing, test gap: 5 mm, test width: 110 mm)
  • Attachment for testing of PVC and plastic corners (standard EN 514; base plate and indenter)
  • Testing of timber blanks and semi-finished profiles according to DIN EN 13307 standard (adjustable 4-point intender)
  • Adjustable 4-point bending indenter:
    • 4-point support
    • Max. length of test specimen: 1100 mm
    • Adjustable support and indenter
    • Rotatable support points
  • Excel analysis software for comfortable evaluation as well as continuous quality monitoring according to the standard
  • Individual coating in RAL colours

Note: Individual features, especially for your needs, can be provided after consulting.


ZPM-U test rig accordingt to the following standards:

Testing characteristic Testing standard
Bending strength of glass EN 1288-3
Shipbuilding and marine structures DIN ISO 614
Determination of the strength of welded corners and t-joints EN 514
Single axis hinges EN 1935
Lever handles and knob furniture EN 1906
Requirements regarding timber blanks and semi-finished profiles DIN EN 13307

Technical details


  • Dimensions: approx. 2,050 x 2,700 x 620 in mm (WxHxD)
  • ift software (regulation, control, visualization and alaysis ; Excel data export)
  • 50 kN hydraulic cylinder
  • 50 kN premium load cell
  • RAL 7035 coating (light grey)
  • Required supply
    • Safety socket: CEE 400 V 16 A

Scope of delivery

Basic version

  • Test rig with Plexiglas hood
  • Basic coating of the frame in RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • Hydraulic cylinder and premiun load cell 50 kN with integrated measuring system and external transducer
  • Control unit: PC (incl. TFT screen) with operating system and ift software for recording, controlling, visualizing and analyzing; Excel data export Automaated test run
  • Automated test run
  • Testing of tension and compression of different specimen