ZPM-E: Electromechanical tension and compression test rig


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Product Datasheet

General product description

Test rig and mountings for tension and compression testing for different types of glasses.
The test rig is made of a solid coated metal frame. An electromechanical servo axis is installed in the center. Those raises controlled force loads to the specimen.
The compressing indenter attachment and the bearing are made of an Ø 50 mm steel shaft, coated with rubber, and inserted in high performance slide bearings. Operating is force controlled.

There are three different indenters to choose from:

G: Glass (single-pane and toughened safety glass)
SG: Shipbuilding and marine structures
E: Welded corner and T-joint
The measurement occurs by a protected measuring system with a range of 300 mm that is installed protected in the electromechanic cylinder. A premium load cell and a carries frequency amplifier measure the force load.
The evaluation of the breaking load and the recording of the measured values in Excel format take place by the software. A graph visualizes the test run.
The surrounding and the operating staff are protected by a Plexiglas hood. Furthermore a security check against glass fragments is installed at the doors.
A container catches the cullet below the test rig. Costly cleaning time is herby avoided.


On request the following options can be offered:

  • Bending strength of plate glasses according EN 1288-3
    • Adjustable 4-point bending indenter
    • Adjustable 4-point roller support
    • Rotatable support points
    • Indenter and support incl. rubber coating
    • max. length of specimen: 1100 mm
  • Attachment for testing of PVC and plastic corners (standard EN 514; base plate and indenter)
  • Testing of timber blanks and semi-finished profiles according to DIN EN 13307 standard (adjustable four point indenter)
  • Indenter and support for testing single-pane safety glass for rectangular and round ship windows according to DIN ISO 614
  • Excel analysis software for comfortable evaluation as well as continuous quality monitoring according to the standard
  • Individual coating
  • Hydraulic tension and compression test rig (comparable to electromechanical module however, load initialization via a servo regulated hydraulic spindle and 50 kN premium load cell)

Note: Individual features, especially for your needs, can be provided after consulting.


ZPM-E test rig according to the following standards:

Testing characteristic Testing standard
Bending strength of glass EN 1288-3
Shipbuilding and marine structures DIN ISO 614
Determination of the strength of welded corners and t-joints EN 514
Single axis hinges EN 1935
Schlösser und BaubescLever handles and knob furniturehläge EN 1906
Requirements regarding timber blanks and semi-finished profiles DIN EN 13307

Technical details


  • Dimensions: approx. 2,050 x 2,500 x 620 in mm (WxHxD)
  • ift software (regulation, control, visualization and analysis; Excel data export)
  • 20 kN premium load cell
  • coating RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • Required supply
    • Safety socket: CEE 16 A 400 V

Scope of delivery

Basic version

  • Test rig with Plexiglas hood
  • Basic coating of the frame in RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • Electromechanic cylinder and premium load cell 20 kN with integrated measuring system
  • Control unit: PC (incl. TFT screen) with operating system and ift software for recording, controlling, visualizing and analyzing; Excel data export
  • Automated test run
  • Testing of tension and compression of different specimen