LWW-ECO: Test rig for joint permeability, water tightness and wind loads


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Product Datasheet

General product description

The test rig determines the permeability of joints, water tightness and the resistance to wind load on windows, French windows and facades. Besides sealing, panels and other exterior wall parts are tested on these characteristics as well.

As standard, measuring units and care units with a volume flow rate of 100 m³/h, 450 m³/h or 800 m³/h are available. The volume flow rate is already converted in standard conditions. The testing pressure can be regulated up to 2500 Pa.

All measuring values are collected and visualized by an integrated computer. The clamping substructures are equipped in different dimensions with an electrically adjustable crossbar, variable side frames from stainless steel and one of the ift developed quick acting systems. These allow an easy and quick setting of your individual test specimen.


On request the following options can be offered:

  • Variant supply unit
    • MSR ECO 2500 – 400/400 (Air volume flow rate 400 m³/h | 800 m³/h)
    • MSR ECO 2500 – 800/1500 (Air volume flow rate 800 m³/h | 2,000 m³/h
    • MSR ECO 3000 – 800/3000 (Air volume flow rate 800 m³/h | 5,000 m³/h)
    • Module: MSR ECO-PLUS (increased measure accuracy, additional software for customized test runs)
    • Increased compressed air up to ± 5,000 Pa
  • WPK clamping surface variants
    • Type ASW-ECO 3030-4 3,000 x 3,000 x 400 in mm (BxHxT)
    • Type ASW-ECO 4030-4 4,000 x 3,000 x 400 in mm (BxHxT)
    • Type ASW-ECO 4030-6 4,000 x 3,000 x 600 in mm (BxHxT)
    • More customized sizes available on request

Note: Individual features, especially for your needs, can be provided after consulting.


LWW-ECO test rig according to the following standards:

Testing characteristic Testing standard
Air permeability EN 1026
Water tightness EN 1027
Wind load EN 12211
Windows and exterior doors EN 14351-1
Air permeability DIN EN 12153
Water tightness (laboratory test under static pressure) DIN EN 12155
Resistance to wind load DIN EN 12179

Technical details


  • Max. Air volume flow rate approx. 800 m³/h
  • Max. test pressure: approx. ±5,000 Pa
  • Water flow rate: 30 l/min (compression-slipstream load exchange, pressure pulse)
  • WPK test wall: Spraying unit with nozzles 2 l/min (various sizes available)
  • Required supply
    • Safety socket: CEE 16 A, 230/400 V (without RCD)
    • Compressed air: 6 bar
    • Water inflow: 3/4"; min. 3.5 bar
    • Water outlet: min. DN 50 mm

Scope of delivery

Basic version

  • Supply unit
    • MSR ECO 2500 – 150/350 (Air volume flow rate 150 m3/h | 450 m3/h) WPK regulation, control and measure unit incl. Laptop (operation and visualization) and operation software ECO
  • ift calibration
  • WPK test rig ASW-ECO 2025-4
    • Clamping surface: 2,000 x 2,500 x 400 in mm (BxHxT) incl. gripping jaws, clamping elements, distance and raster elements, electric operated lifting device for traverse beams,air and water piping for the supply device as well as a divisible spray bar with nozzles