HMG-300: Hand measuring device


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Product Datasheet

General product description

Depending on the type version, this mobile compact measuring device measures velocity, force, and torque.The HMG 300 has a 3.2 inch command touch screen and an USB-port. This USB-port is used for data exchange with a PC as well as for charging the lithium-ion-battery.

You can choose from the following sensors and connect them with the multifunction meter HMG 300, for checking the required feature:

The velocity measure is especially designed for measuring of the opening and closing velocity of windows and doors during a durability test.

The force measure is primarily designed for the measureof released forces of panic and emergency exit doors. However, a high bandwidth of force sensors can be connected.

The torque measure is particularly designed for measuring of torque at lever holds. Various torque sensors can be used and connected to the HMG 300.


On request the following options can be offered:

  • Measuring components
    • Velocity sensor: for measuring and recording of velocities
    • Force sensor: for recording of forces
    • Torque sensor: for recording of torques
  • Magnet tripod to fix in place of the velocity sensor
  • Grip for standard force intake
  • Force transmission element for standard force intake according to EN 179 and EN 1125 standard with a 15mm diameter
  • Lever hold fastening for regular torque intake 3/8 inch square
  • Ratchet for regular torque intake 3/8 inch square
  • Calibration with a calibration report

Note: Individual features, especially for your needs, can be provided after consulting.


HMG-300 measuring device according to the following standards:

Testing characteristic Testing standard
Release force EN 1125
Release force EN 179
Reference velocity EN 1191
Operating forces EN 1191
Operating torque EN 1191

Technical details


  • Dimensions approx. 232 x 107 x 34 in mm (WxHxD)
  • 3.2 inch touch screen
  • 2600 mAh lithium Ion battery
  • Charge via USB-port
  • Charge control light
  • Up to 1,000 measure values per second
  • Graph visualization
  • Data exchange via USB-port
  • Automatic sensor detection and loading of set up factors
  • Up to seven different sensors are usable
  • Integrated SD-memory card for measure recording
  • STM32 micro controller
  • Real time operating system freeRTOS

Measuring components

  • Velocity sensor
    • Two light reflex sensors
    • Max. distance: 45 mm
    • Measuring range: 0.2 bis 0.6 m/s
    • Measuring accuracy: ± 5 % of measured value
  • Force sensor
    • Measuring range: 500 N for compression and tension forces
    • Measuring accuracy: ± 2 % of measured value
  • Torque sensor
    • Measuring range 25 Nm with 3/8 inch square
    • Measuring accuracy: ± 2 % of measured value

Scope of delivery

Basic version

  • Hand measuring device HMG 300
  • User´s manual
  • USB-cable
  • USB-power adapter
  • Aluminium case
  • Software for evaluation of the measured results