DDKS-S: Servoelectric durability test rig for windows and doors


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Product Datasheet

General product description

Test rig and accessories for testing mechanical long-term durability on windows and doors.
The device offers the option to test turn-tile, lift-slide and lift-slide-tilt windows right up to parallel slide-tilt doors, freely actuated or forcibly actuated according to the specified standards.
The test program is taught-in freely via a joystick control element into the supplied PC (teach-in procedure).


On request the following options can be offered:

  • Equipment for connecting pneumatic cylinders
  • Two velocity measuring sensors
  • Connection of up to 3 initiators to control the position of the specimen
  • Increase of handle torque to 75 Nm (incl. optimized gear mechanism and a more powerful motor)
  • Increase of sliding force to 500 N (incl. more stable frame, belt, and bearing)
  • Measuring device for torque and contact force (incl. measurement amplifier, mechanical connection, and data capturing)
  • Measuring device for the sliding force (incl. measurement amplifier, mechanical connection, and data capture)
  • Connection of 10 cylinders with 20 N (incl. cylinders)
  • Freewheel of the handle drive (lockable)
  • Remote maintenance
  • Individual coating

Note: Individual features, especially for your needs, can be provided after consulting.


DDKS-S test rig according to the following standards:

Testing characteristic Testing standard
Window durability EN 1191 and QM 328
Horizontal sliding and folding-sliding windows and french windows EN 13126-15
Fittings for lifting-sliding windows and french windows EN 13126-16
Fittings for tilting-sliding windows and french windows EN 13126-17
Door durability EN 13126-8

Technical details


  • Measurement of drive units:
    • Turn-tilt approx. 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.5 in m (WxHxD)
    • Pane approx.. 3.0 x 1.6 x 1.0 in m (WxHxD)
    • Test wall: Standard width 3 to 6 m
  • Sliding actuation: max. 200 N
  • Sash weight of pane: max 500 kg
  • Turning actuation: max. 500 Nm
  • Handle actuator: max. 75 Nm
  • Required connections:
    • Power socket: CEE 32 A, 400 V
    • Compressed air: 4 – 8 bar (optional)

Scope of delivery

Standard version

  • Control, regulation and measuring units for durability
    • PC control unit with control cabinet for operation and visualisation
    • Manual operating unit with joystick
    • ift Software
  • Drive unit for lift-sliding doors and parallel positioning elements
    • Handle actuator including servodrive 75 Nm
    • Sliding actuator including shaft coupling for the handle/the push button, servo control unit for slide drive, servo axle and precision guide
    • Drive unit: Linear drive for Press force
  • Drive unit for turn/tilt windows
    • Handle actuator including servodrive 75 Nm
    • Pivoting arm including servo drive 2 metres long, on this, freely movable handle drive on the precision guide
  • Fixing of the drive units to the ift clamping field. Optional adaptation to customer clamping field.
  • Calibration of the test rig