EPD Terms of Use


§ 1 Subject

(1) The online application ‘create model EPDs’ enables the simple and cost-effective compilation of a model Environmental Product Declaration (model EPD) on basis of little data. This system is well suited for artisanal and medium-sized structured companies. Data of different companies are determined as basis for a model EPD and used as average values in a common ‘data pool’. They state a sector average and are representative for a comparable product within the defined reference limits. Supplier of this online application is ift Rosenheim GmbH, from here one named ‘supplier’. 

(2) In a model EPD, no specific qualities of the building product can be highlighted that are suitable for the differentiation in competition, as the input data are based on average data. 

(3) The model EPD describes the significant environmental effects of a building product. The data confirmed by the creator, the future declatarion owner as well as the generic data of ‘Gabi 4.4’ is used as database. 

(4) Basis for the model EPDs are the corresponding Product Category Rules (PCR) according to DIN ISO 14025 and prEN 15804.

§ 2 Contractual Preconditions and Conclusion of the Contract

(1) Condition for the compilation of an EPD on basis of a model EPD is the free registration of the user on www.ift-service.de as well as the full compliance of the following terms of use for the compilation of model EPDs. The user confirms that he is entitled to act on behalf of the future declatarion owner. Hence, all declarations given by the user also apply for and against the future declatarion owner.

(2) As basis of the contract for compilation of an EPD on basis of a model EPD are the special terms of use as well as the general terms of use for online services, the General Terms and Conditions of ift, provided that with ‘ift’ ift Rosenheim GmbH is meant. The same applies for the conditions and guidance on the use of ift-test documentations (including ift logo and pictogram). 

(3) The contract for compliation and submission of an EPD on basis of a model EPD upon receipt of the order quotation sent online by the user to the provider is only concluded upon receipt of an order confirmation sent by the provider electronically or in writting to the user or, however, when sending the EPD to the user at the latest.

(4) The compilation of an EPD on basis of a model EPD is subject to a charge. The price for ift and VFF members is € 407. The compilation of a model EPD costs € 613 without membership. The mentioned prices are plus valid sales tax, 19% at the moment. 

(5) The payment has to be made within 5 working days upon receipt of the invoice. The EPD will be sumitted to the user only upon receipt of the payment by the provider. 

(6) The issued model EPD will be sent withing 5 working days upon receipt of payment.

§ 3 Scope and Validity

The verified Environmental Product Declaration is only valid for the products mentioned in the declatarion and has a validity of 5 years of the creation date.

§ 4 Liability for Data and Verifications

The user/future declatarion owner is fully liable for the data and verifications on which the EPD is issued.

§ 5 Consent to Publication of Issued Model EPD

All model EPDs issued by ift Rosenheim GmbH are published at www.ift-service.de at ‘Display issued EPDs’. No anonymisation will be made. The approval of the user/future declatarion owner in the publication of the issued model EPD is precondition for the compilation and submission of the EPD. This approval is given with the sending of the online order of the user.