International Window & Facade Conference 2012 (download)

ift Rosenheim

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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Publication date: 01.10.2012

Author: ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-319-5

Pages: 174


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The world is changing, and people’s actions are guided by new trends, desires and fears. The "energy turnaround" is still at the centre of public debate, however, so this year's International Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference will include presentations on EnEV 2013, energy labels, cost-efficiency and upgrade facades, arming you with the tools you need to advise building owners, architects and building energy consultants more effectively than ever.

The era of mindless cost-cutting is past. In 2012 the premium market segment opens up opportunities for those who place an emphasis on quality, living comfort, and safeguarding value. When designing or selling premium products, we need to remember trends such as Universal Design, sustainability, and the increasing focus on the ease of use of components, and to consider the possibilities of automation. The new Construction Products Regulation demands a reassessment of the liability risks and documentary evidence associated with CE marking.


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