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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Publication date: October 2016

Author: ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-401-7

Pages: 76 (including released manuscripts and lectures on CD-ROM)

Table of contents

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"50 years in the service of the industry"

The conference proceedigns of the Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference 2016 show on 76 pages, which change windows and facades have completed in the last 50 years and gives an outlook on current trends and topics in the industry. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Institut für Fenstertechnik, the conference proceedigns are also a memorandum this year. In order to summarize the developments in the past 50 years of institute history, an interesting contribution was made to pioneering research projects and their impact on the state of the art.

The lectures of the Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference 2016 ranged from changes in the model code to the latest findings on climate change. In addition to the CVs of the 31 speakers, a short summary of their presentations in the conference proceedings and a total of almost 900 lecture slides are also included in the conference proceedings.


Delivery: from 27 October 2016
For participants of Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference 2016 it is free of charge. Order to: info@ift-rosenheim.de



Technical article

50 years of quality and safety - The technical and social changes in windows and facades

Speakers A – Z 

Benno Bliemetsrieder
Manuel Demel
Prof. Dr. Benno Eierle
Alexander Frenzl
Stefan Friedrich
Dr. Constantin Greiner
Dr.-Ing. Walter Haase
Hans-Dieter Hegner
André Hempel
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hermelink
Prof. Dr. Winfried Heusler
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Architektin BDA Annette Hillebrandt
Konrad Huber
Dr.-Ing. Werner Jager
Knut Junge
Peter Kämper
Prof. Jörn P. Lass
Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif
Karin Lieb
Dr. Peter Mösle
Prof. Christian Niemöller
Dr. Ansgar Rose
MR Dr. Gerhard Scheuermann
Stephan Schmidt
Dr. Bernhard Schneider
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider
Rolf Schnitzler
Prof. Ulrich Sieberath
Benjamin Standecker
Florian Stich
Nikolas Zimmermann


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