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ift Rosenheim

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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Publication date: 07.03.2012

Author: ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-350-8

Pages: 26


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Energy Turnaround 2020

Energy saving is the central task of the European economies in order to reduce CO2 emissions, to get independent from fossil fuels, to avoid nuclear technology and to lower the risks of the climate change. The Energy Turnaround cannot succeed without energy conservation, which is why the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires that all new buildings be “nearly zero energy” by 2020. The building envelope plays a key role here, because intelligent building envelope concepts can massively influence the energy balance and living comfort in a building.


But simply further enhancing thermal insulation is not enough: maximum use also needs to be made of solar energy, with the help of passive cooling by optimized glazing systems and light control and active cooling by photovoltaics and solar thermal. Special mechatronic components that communicate intelligently with the building services and heating systems are getting more and more important.


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