ift-Guideline WA-03engl/03 Uf-values for thermal break metal profiles of facade systems (download)

ift Rosenheim

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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Publication Date: 01.12.2003

Author: ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-098-9

Pages: 7


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Uf-values for thermal break metal profiles of facade systems

Thermal break metal profiles of facade systems are characterized by a large number of different profile sections of a wide variety of geometrical shapes but of comparable thermal properties of the thermal insulation zone referred to as thermal break. Consequently, the key parameters of such systems, e.g. material and configuration of the thermal break are the same. The relatively great number of individual profiles and possible profile combinations of specific profile systems require a practical approach to identify the Uf-values of the profile sections of the respective systems. The procedure described in the present Guideline is based on the fact that the thermal break continues to be more or less the same for all profiles pertaining to a specific profile system and that the profiles vary only by the internal and external metal sections. Research into a series of profile sections designed on the basis of results obtained from calculation and measurement has shown that this relationship is a workable solution. The present Guideline provides the general framework of this method and specifies the minimum number of measurements and/or calculations to be performed for a profile system. With increasing complexity of the selected system, the Uf-values of all other types of profile must be identified in addition to the minimum number of sections required.


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