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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Publication date: 24.01.2015

Author: ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-377-5

Pages: 22

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Ecodesign is a comprehensive approach to the product design that aims to achieve high usability while reducing a product’s environmental impact over its entire life cycle, i.e. from raw material extraction through to manufacture,
the use stage and recycling. Put simply, EcoDesign is good for both people and the environment. 
Decisions made during the design stage have an important impact on the environmental compatibility of the product. For this reason, the Ecodesign Directive demands an analysis and assessment of a product’s environmental impact over its entire life cycle, thereby implementing the EU’s requirements regarding International Product Policy (IPP) and the “New Approach” adopted in the Construction Products Directive. The detailed wording will be produced by the EU Commission in consultation with the member states; adoption can be via regulatory instruments or voluntary self-regulation.
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