Documentation:"Comfort + Security of Automatic Doors and Gates" ift Special Show R+T 2018 (Download)

ift Rosenheim

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Herausgeber: ift Rosenheim

Ausgabedatum: 19.03.2017

Autor(en): ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-418-5

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Gates, automatic doors and shading devices are leading the way in terms of automatic drives and controls for the construction industry. This entails additional requirements such as functional and electric safety, which must be taken into account during planning and tendering. However, also fire safety and burglar resistance as protection against industrial espionage and high material assets are more current than ever. Therefore, the ift special show “Comfort + Safety of Automatic Doors and Gates” in Stuttgart from 27.02. – 03.03. is presenting at the R+T world‘s leading trade fair for roller shutters, gates and sun protection (stand 10D31), what construction elements and their components can do today, how the requirements have to be checked and how the quality can be ensured. This will be complemented by a lecture forum that is organised together with the BVT.


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