ift-Guideline VE-17engl/1, Product characteristics and test methods for verifying the usability of spacer systems in the edge-sealing of insulating glass units - Part 1 (Download)

ift Rosenheim

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Publisher: ift Rosenheim

Issue date: 13.08.2021

Author(s): ift Rosenheim

ISBN: 978-3-86791-474-1

28 Pages


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Part 1: Hollow profiles - not fully metallic spacer (Category B and C)

Spacers in insulating glass systems have the function of enabling the insulating glass to be assembled as easily and safely as possible and, together with the other components, to permanently seal the insulating glass over its expected service life according to EN 1279-1, as well as to withstand the loads acting on them without any function-impairing changes.

As spacer bars whose last layer on the spacer back is to be described as "non-metallic" are currently not covered by the interchangeability rules of the product standard, a procedure for interchangeability is described and tested for this group in terms of a later version of EN 1279-1 as well as a test scenario for addition in EN 1279-4. 


In this guideline VE-17engl/1 test methods are described that represent the usability and durability for the edge-sealing of insulating glass units of the products. The are based on round robin tests and other proven guidance (see: Literature)