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Safety and Burglar resistance


In Germany, a break-in is carried out every three to five minutes. Damage to property, petty larceny, as far as aggravated robbery represent not only a financial damage of hundreds of billions, but leave the parties concerned mostly with a feeling of insecurity, vulnerability as far as severe psychological damages. No wonder that tentants as well as owners emphasize optimum safety within one's own four walls.


However: How does one protect himself and his property most effectively?

The additional function of a window (good hardware, safety lock, glass, etc.) gain in importance the interest of owners and tentants planning to improve the security of their property. In general, the complete ‘safety chain’ has to be closed in constructions of burglar-inhibiting windows. That means, from wall connection to material and rebate design, suitable hardware selection and fixing to used glazing, every detail has to be matched with the requirements of the burglar resistance.

The criminal police offers free counselling as well as a listing of qualified and certificated provider of burglar-inhibiting windows (KPK-lists) (German only). Moreover, the Programme Police Crime Prevention with more hints and tips on burglary resistance.

Information on further topics for windows and doors can be found at consumer information (ifz-infos).


Television contributions on the subject assisted by ift Rosenheim


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Welt der Wunder (RTL2), broadcasted on 20 January 2013.
This contribution can be found in the Mediathek of RTL2.

Extrem house of loads

Galileo (Pro7), broadcasted on 29 April 2013.
This contribution can be found in the Mediathek of Pro7.

Nightmare burglary

Kontrovers (Bayrischer Rundfunk), broadcasted on 06 August 2013.
This contribution can be found in the Mediathek of Bayrischen Rundfunk.


Articles regarding Safety and Burglary resistance


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