QM 347 - Parallel sliding tilting hardware 

ift-certification scheme not regulated by the building supervisory authority for the evidence of conformity, for parallel sliding tilting hardware for marking the certified products with the "ift-certified" mark.



EN 13126-17, EN 1191



Download Certification program QM 347

The attached PDF gives you an overview of the content of the QM 347 certification program. You can obtain further information from our certification and monitoring body.


QM347 Beschläge - PSK: Vertragsgrundlage_DE.pdf (DE-DE)
QM347 Beschläge - PSK: Vertragsgrundlage_EN.pdf (EN-EN)

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QM347 Beschläge - PSK

duoPort SK 100 S, duoPort 160 S, duoPort 160 Z, duoPort 200 Z

31691 Helpsen
Website: www.hautau.de

QM347 Beschläge - PSK

ATRIUM HKS 200 Z TWIN, HKS 200 Z, HKS 160 S, HKS 100 S, ATRIUM SP komfort

QM347 Beschläge - PSK

QM347 Beschläge - PSK

QM347 Beschläge - PSK

Roto Patio Alversa PS, Roto Patio Alversa PS Air Com

QM347 Beschläge - PSK

PORTAL PSK: 100 PLUS, 130 PLUS, 160 PLUS, 200-Z PLUS, 100 comfort, 130 comfort, 160 comfort, 200-Z comfort, PORTAL PS 200 comfort