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Private Expert Opinion: Experts for windows, doors and facades


The ift-Centre of Technical Experts

Building components such as windows, doors and facades are complex systems that are significant for the functions and fitness for use of an building construction. Furthermore, these components play an important role in the architectural design and for the prestige value of the property. It becomes accordingly difficult if these components do not function to the desired extent. If there are cases of damage resulting out of it, the experienced experts of the ift-Centre of Technical Experts for windows, doors and facades can handle them. Their range of tasks also includes the compilation of expert opinions for planning, construction processes and approval as well as technical evaluations in stock.


Window experts for holistic approach

Defects can occur during planning, manufacturing and assembly, by actions in the period of use or simply by the ravages of time, which can be the trigger for structural damage. It is not seldom that disputes arise out of it, where an involvement of a specialised expert is useful. Therefore, the ift-Centre of Technical Experts uses the years of experience of ift Rosenheim for testing, certification and research, where there is always the holistic approach on component and installation conditions paramount. Expert opinions can be processed comprehensively.


Bulk of shortcomings at legal and private opinions

On basis of more than 250 projects, which are processed annually by the ift-Centre of Technical Experts, give typical damage patterns for windows and facades. One focus with a part of meanwhile almost 50%is on defects in the area of the attachment of windows or facades to the supporting structure. For this not only a consideration of windows, glazings or the assembly is made, but also an holistic approach of the circumstances.

Expert opinion and consultancy

  • during planning

  • during construction process and approval in new buildings or at refurbishments

  • in case of damage

  • for the technical assessment of existing buildings

Subject areas

  • Windows and facades
  • Wall connections


  • Private and legal opinions for windows and facades
  • Building consultancy and support for house owners and architects
  • Knowledge transfer at national and international events
  • Publications (specialist articles, codes of rules and regulations)


Subject areas

  • Windows, facades and doors
  • Construction of accessible buildings



  • Technical Hotline
  • Compilation of statements and short assessments
  • Building consultancy and support for house owners and architects regarding freedom from barriers
  • Knowledge transfer at national and international events
  • Publications (specialist articles, codes of rules and regulations)



  • Coordination requests for expert opinions
  • Appointments


Subject areas

  • Accoustics, Sound insulation and acoustic insulation
  • Windows, doors and industrial gates



  • Expert opinions regarding acoustic performance
  • Testing of sound insulation in the laboratory and on-site
  • Research topics regarding building acoustics
  • Collaboration in national and international standards committees for measurement and demand-based standards as well as VDI-guidelines
  • Knowledge transfer at national and international events



  • Koordination Gutachtenanfragen
  • Terminvereinbarungen




ift Rosenheim GmbH

Centre of Technical Experts
+49 8031 261-2161
+49 8031 261-2511

Extensive assessment and consultancy in the areas:


Building components

  • Automatic doors

  • Exterior doors

  • Roof windows

  • Facades

  • Windows

  • Joints

  • Glass roofs

  • Interior doors

  • Ventilation devices

  • Rooflight


  • Roller shutters

  • Solar protection

  • Gates

  • Partition walls

  • Doors

  • Glazing

  • Conservatory


  • Freedom from barriers

  • Building physics

  • Structural damage

  • Ventilation

  • Fire Protection

  • Burglar intrusion

  • Colour / Optics

  • Wood destruction

  • Malfunction/Operational fault

  • Breakage of glass

  • Ventilation

  • Assembly, installation

  • Verifications (CE, test certificates, general approval by building inspection authorities)

  • Safety in use

  • Smoke control

  • Damage / wear

  • Longitudinal wave propagation

  • Sound insulation

  • Mould

  • Safety

  • Statics, structural analysis

  • Structural Glazing

  • Dew point performance

  • Tolerances

  • Impact sound insulation

  • Leakages

  • Incompatibility

  • Thermal insulation

  • Maintenance, services, repair


  • Sealing

  • Spacer / edge seal / warm edge

  • Installation gap

  • Fittings, hinges

  • Parapet / railing

  • Insulation materials / insulation

  • Vapour barrier

  • Sealing strip, sealing compound, sealant

  • Window sill / shutter

  • Veneer

  • Plaster profile

  • Panels

  • Frame profile

  • Roller shutter guides / belts / boxes

  • Locks, latch bolt engagement

  • Screws / dowels / anchors

  • Thresholds

  • Safety glass / SSG / LSG / TSG

  • Sash bar

  • Thermal barrier

  • Joints

  • Frame

  • Functional glass

  • Handle / knob

  • Venetian blind

  • Cable

  • Edge

  • Bonded joint

  • Block

  • Bracket

  • Ledge

  • Insulating glass units

  • Surface / coating / lacquer / glazing

  • In-situ foam


  • Aluminium

  • Glass

  • Wood

  • Plastics

  • Steel

If you are looking for an experienced expert for windows, doors and facades, please do not hesitate to contact us. ift Rosenheim will gladly assist you on the topics expert opinion for windows, windows tests according to EN and many others.

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