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Wooden products from sustainable forests (PEFC)


Forests can be compared according to most different criterions: e.g. biodiversity, timber growth or even aesthetics. Sustainable managed forests meet all requirements. They are an important habitat for animals and plants, offer space for recreation and secure constant re-growth of the resource wood. The certification of the woods and the subsequent product chain secure a sustainable handling with the habitat and the raw material source far beyond the legal regulations.

 Certified forests are the starting point of the product chain. For the certification, each company in this chain needs a Chain-of-Custody certificate (CoC certificate). With this certificate, the route taken by the wood from the forest up to the final product can be traced back. The chain can be short, for example, if a sawmill produces a product from forest wood that goes directly to the shelves in construction markets. However, it can also be very long and complex, thinking about the raw material mix of some paper mills that composes of forest wood (directly from the forestry operation or by a dealer), wood chips from sawmills and imported pulp. Each link of the product chain needs a proof that only such and/or so much wood with PEFC seal has been passed as has traceably been used in the production process.

Besides, not only the certification of the complete flow of goods in a company is made possible with PEFC certificates, but also individual products can be certified.


More and more private end consumer as well as large companies and states like Germany emphasize the “green produrement”. This is also reflected in direct customer requiries as well as in building certification systems like DGNB, BNB or LEED.

Therefore, the value of a guaranteed proof of origin increased in the forestry and wood industry and is indispenable in construction engineering, especially for the object area.


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