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Document Center

Inspection and retrieval of data and documents such as offers, orders, test reports, proofs, ift-tested signs, calibration orders

Online Shop

Purchase of literature, such as books, ift guidelines, research reports, technical information, conference proceedings on account in the online shop

Member Area

Access to ift technical information, research reports, ift impulse, drafts of ift guidelines, technical dictionary and conference proceedings

Discount on literature

Discount when purchasing literature for registered ift members. More information about membership at

User Management

Assignment of different access rights to documents and data to employees of your own company

ift-tested sign

Ordering and cancellation of the subscription for ift-tested signs. For more information on the ift-tested sign, see

For whom is "My ift" beneficial?

  • For ift existing and new clients to retrieve ift documents and data

  • For ift members who want access to exclusive content in the members area

Application for activation

In order to be able to use "My ift", the company first has to be activated by ift Rosenheim. First of all, your company must designate a person who will act as the company administrator for the company and take over the user management of other employees.

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