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Material and Resource Efficiency

The consumption of resources rises - nowadays, approx. 600 million people life on level of prosperity; in future 2 billion. The efficient handling with our natural resources gets high priority due to these developments. These resources are important production factors. Raw materials like metallic and non-metallic minerals as well as resources used for energy production like water, air, soil and biodiversity are indispensable for the economic sectors. 

The industries of the production industry are at this particularly resource intensive. On average, about 57% of the total total turnover are used for material expenses The reduction of the consumption of natural resources does not only mean to relieve the environment but also provides the opportunity to reduce costs substantially. After many producing companyies have lowered the consumption of energy by functioning energy management systems, the material and resources efficiency represents the next consistent step to an efficient company.


ift Rosenheim can assist you with various possibilities on the way to a resource-efficient company.

Therefore, a brief excerpt of the tools:

  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Materials flow cost accounting (MFCA) according to ISO 14051
  • Value stream mapping
  • Waste management


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